YODA Extracts scroll-on THC cartridge 0.5g

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Type: Vapes
Info:scroll-on THC cartridge 0.5g
Tags:Hash, Edibles, CBD
Brand: Yoda Extracts

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All Yoda cartridges are safe, effective, and consistently dosed cannabis products that do not contain artificial flavors or cutting agents of any kind (including vitamin E acetate). Yoda uses CCELL technology that is 3rd party tested and verified free of heavy metals, ensuring the highest quality components for maximum compatibility with all Yoda products. Each Yoda Extracts cartridge contains a full 500 mg of 97% THC distillate.  Buy the cleanest and most effective premium cannabis concentrates now.

These fire Yoda Extracts cartridges come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid forms and in multiple flavors:

  • Summer Watermelon - Indica
  • Green Crack - Sativa
  • Northern Lights - Indica
  • Grand Daddy Purple - Indica
  • Wedding Cake - Hybrid
  • Sour Diesel - Sativa
  • Pineapple Express - Hybrid