Viterra Vape Pen Kit

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Info:Viterra Vape Pen Kit
Brand: Viterra
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Viterra Vape Pen is an attractive, modern vaporizer that lets you access your medicine anytime and anywhere. Designed to fit easily in your pocket or handbag and to give off a subtle scent, medicating on the go has never been easier!
Magnetic Structure, Integrated Mouthpiece and Sealing plug. One of the best vapes in the market. Bestseller. Excellent battery life. Lots of positive customer reviews. Available in 3 colors: Dark, Silver and Dark-grey.

We like this device for extremly low price and incredible taste and integrity. Awesome as a Gift for Coworker, BestFriend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or as Birthday Gift.

Use multiple pods for different flavors and types. Simply plug in your favorite Viterra Cartridge and inhale!

Safe and Modern! Easy to use and Long-time use! Hit! Order today.

In Box 

1 Viterra Vape Pen Kit (Pen Only No Cartridges Included)
*NOTE: This is just a vape pen, you need to buy some cartridges to be able to connect it to so you can vape. Choose the cartridges in the listing:

Viterra Full Spectrum Extract Cartridge 500mg
Viterra THC 65% / CBD FS Organic 35% Cartridge 500mg

Viterra Full Spectrum Organic CBD Extract Cartridge 500mg

24.09.2019 17:15

Ordered a viterra vape pen. Now I use it every day.

22.02.2020 20:27

I really like this item. very convenient when you are in a rush

24.02.2020 13:47

Great design. One of my favorite pens!!

07.07.2020 11:46

This is bomb vape machine. Cheap. Easy to smoke, works long period, light and attractive. I think take place among the top vapes in the line.

09.07.2020 17:47

I prefer to smoke joint, but this vape pen is much convenient if I'm on the go or rush. better to buy vape + pod kit with favourite flavors. highly recommended.

13.07.2020 18:47

I like this vape for quick charge, small size. no need to clean it, just buy the new one.

18.08.2020 21:25

Great pen. Works well!

21.08.2020 11:49

It's great that I can buy only a pen, having some cartridges home) I lose them so often.