Viterra Screw-on FSE Tanks

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Type: Vapes
Info:Screw-on FSE Tanks 500mg (510)
Tags:Cannabis, Edibles
Brand: Viterra

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Viterra produces cartridges that are extracted using a Full-Spectrum CO2 Oil process, which is cleaner, more efficient, and holds the full range of terpenes and trichomes of the original flower. Unlike most other cartridges out there, Viterra’s products contain no additives whatsoever. Just single strain origin supercritical CO2 extracted oil. Compatible with any 510 thread pen. (Keyy, Phyto, etc).

Viterra products use ONLY natural extracts. No propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or fractionated coconut oil (MCT). Our client's health and safety are very important to us. 

Available in:

  • Pink Cake
  • Orange Cookies

Typically Arrives in 2-3 Days via Express Post. Free Shipping on Orders over $150, Min. order - 80$. Canada wide shipping only. Guaranteed Delivery.

*NOTE: This is just a cartridge, you need a vape pen to be able to connect it to so you can vape. 

Important: There has been some negative news recently about cannabis / THC vape pens, distillates, and oils available in the United States. Specifically different chemicals added to the distillates, such as Vitamin E Oil, which appear to have harmful effects on the user. The management at Lady Jane Express takes customer safety very seriously and believes in only offering the highest quality THC vape products on the market. All our LJE vape products and all of the third party suppliers we source from have been carefully and rigorously screened and laboratory tested.

We would like to assure our customers, that all the THC vape products being offered on our website are only comprised of natural THC distillate oils extracted from cannabis plants and only natural terpenes (flavors) derived from the plants. There is no vitamin E oil or any chemical cutting agents added to ANY of the vape products offered on our website. Rest assured we are offering you the safest and best vape products and distillate oils available on the market.