Vfire Vape Pen + TНС Cartridge

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Type: Distillate, Vapes, THC
Info:1gm THC Cartridge included.
Refillable closed system cartridge.
Internal temperature regulation.
Ceramic heating coil.

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The ALD Amazing VFire is a metal, CBD/THC vape pen made by ALD. It's a high-quality pen and very discreet. It comes in either black or pink. Let‘s discover the technology, simple operation, and the most optimal vaping experience of our brand new all-in-one e-cigarette products VFIRE!

1. Refillable closed system cartridge.
2. Magnetic connector starter kit.
3. Stylish design and pocket size.
4. Internal temperature regulation.
5. Build-in high rate lithium battery.
6. Ceramic heating coil.
7. High strength aluminum shell with a unique design.
8. Magnetic charging connection at the bottom.

Size: 132.5*17*10 mm
Battery Capacity: 500mAh for a long-playing use
Resistance: 1.4 ± 0.1 ohm
Pod Capacity: 0.9 ml
Additional Info: For optimal performance, charge the vape pens first and prime pods before using by pulling air on it while not in pen.

Cartridge: ALD AMAZE VFIRE E-Cigarette Ceramic Coil

1. The cartridge is refillable so you can put their concentrates if they want to.
2. The cartridge is magnetic. So easy to insert the pod. 
3. Ceramic Core for fantastic flavor.

Natural Terpenes for the highest quality.  Available in Flavors:

- Blue Cheese
- Gelato 
- Blue Dream 
- Root Beer 
- Strawberry Cough 
- King Louis XIII 
- Raw 
- Animal Cookies
- Sunset Sherbert 
- Zkittlez 
- New York City Diesel
- Birthday Cake Kush
- Pink Kush
- Skywalker Og 
- Pineapple Express
- Grand Daddy Purple
- Girl Scout Cookies

18.10.2018 05:41

Amazing!! The best vape pen for cannabis concentrates. I really enjoy the taste of the cartridge. Highly recommend

26.10.2018 13:26

Best pen teck I have used so far. Big rips, long lasting battery. What type of distilate is it. Very tasty and potent!!! Thanks Lady J

29.10.2018 21:30

Its our secret special Lady J sauce :)

19.03.2019 16:17

I saw this vfire vape at friends party. I used to buy disposables pens and did not see the difference. but it's a completely different level. very stylish, lightweight. thc oil makes the brain live. highly recommend.

05.04.2019 23:55

Of the vapes I’ve tried, this has to be my favourite. Tastes great and gives great buzz, so much more simpler than smoking flower