Vfire THC Distillate Cartridge

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Type: Distillate, Cartridge, Vapes
7 new flavors, natural terpines
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VFire 1000mg THC Distilate Cartridges in Awesome Flavors:

- Blue Cheese
- Gelato 
- Blue Dream 
- Root Beer 
- Strawberry Cough 
- King Louis XIII 
- Raw 
- Animal Cookies
- Sunset Sherbert 
- Zkittlez 

- New York City Diesel
- Birthday Cake Kush
- Pink Kush
- Skywalker Og 
- Pineapple Express
- Grand Daddy Purple

From all natural turpines. The highest quality. 

1. The cartridge is refillable, so you can put their concentrates if they want to.
2. The cartridge is magnetic. So easy to insert the pod. 
3. Ceramic Core for fantastic flavor.


30.11.2018 13:12

Excellent pod. Very chill, great for a quiet evening and to help sleep.

25.03.2019 16:11

My fave cartridge. Great taste, uplifting and leads me to a great sleep!

27.03.2019 16:34

I love all my cartridges! And I love how discreet I can be while smoking now! I’m new to vaping, these cartridges are great! Animal cookies and pineapple Express are my favorite right now! Great job ladyjane!

10.04.2019 23:03

Been most impressed with these vape tanks thus far. Seem to be the strongest of the vape concentrates, good flavas and this brand doesn’t plug up as bad as most do when getting towards the end of the tank.

14.04.2019 14:48

Great! This is a really premium cart, well made, refillable and the Zkittlez that was in it really hits hard. All thumbs up for this one.