London Donovan Platinum THC Distillate Cartridge

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Type: Vapes
Info:Platinum Cartridge THC Distillate 500mg
Tags:Cannabis, Hash, CBD
Brand: London Donovan

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If you are looking for a modern product that meets the new standards of the cannabis industry, then London Donovan Platinum THC Distillate  Cartridge 500mg is the number one choice. If you are a fan of THC vape pens and cartridges, then you will appreciate our offer. You have 5 flavors to choose from.

  • Black D.O.G. will blow your brain, bringing a lot of pleasant sensations.
  • Strawberry OG and Toxic perfectly relax the body and give great emotions.
  • Blue Velvet is your choice if you are ready for serious things.
  • And finally Jack Herer. It is one of the best deals on the market
  • NEW! Cataract Kush
  • NEW! Sour Diesel
  • NEW! Dog Groomer
  • NEW! Early Amnesia

Want to know why you should order London Donovan Platinum THC Distillate Cartridge 500mg?

Here are our THC Distillate advantages:

  • 100% pure & high-quality product;
  • 5 flavors with natural terpenes;
  • all pens are factory tested;
  • full compatibility with other vapes (have a twisting system).
  • you can buy it online.

The porous ceramic coil is perfect for a clean burn. It has great taste and big hits! All products have been tested with a puffing machine. It means that you will get a fully effective and working product that will allow you to enjoy great taste and effects. Don’t forget that it is a real bestseller on the THC Distillate market. It is worth noting that you can buy London Donovan Platinum THC Distillate Cartridge 500mg online in our store at the best price.


We cooperate with the best suppliers therefore we guarantee you the safety and quality of the product. We worry about our customers and regularly test all of our products in person. It ensures that you are fully consistent with the description. These cartridges are universal since they have a standard spinning system. Thanks to this you can use them with any Vape pens. Buy and enjoy the pleasant aroma with powerful effects. 

Important: There has been some negative news recently about cannabis / THC vape pens, distillates, and oils available in the United States. Specifically different chemicals added to the distillates, such as Vitamin E Oil, which appear to have harmful effects on the user. The management at Lady Jane Express takes customer safety very seriously and believes in only offering the highest quality THC vape products on the market. All our LJE vape products and all of the third party suppliers we source from have been carefully and rigorously screened and laboratory tested.

We would like to assure our customers, that all the THC vape products being offered on our website are only comprised of natural THC distillate oils extracted from cannabis plants and only natural terpenes (flavors) derived from the plants. There is no vitamin E oil or any chemical cutting agents added to ANY of the vape products offered on our website. Rest assured we are offering you the safest and best vape products and distillate oils available on the market.

21.12.2019 17:13

can't say which is my fav) like all 5 flavours. my best purchase this year thanks to Ladyjaneexpress, for good stuff to have on time, and for the consultation. you really helped me. Hope I can buy more good products like that later.

23.12.2019 16:33

cartridges do fit all my vapes. all the flavors are awesome! great taste, good aroma. but strawberry is my fav. worth to buy again.