Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge

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Type: Vapes
Info:Distillate Cartridge 500ml
Brand: Viterra

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$45 $35

Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge is one of the best options for a deeply satisfying experience with the beneficial qualities of marijuana. This product is free from the major drawbacks of both regular blunts and ordinary vape pens available for sale in Canada.

No more rolling papers, no more grinders, no permeating smoke.

All you need to enjoy this product is the Viterra Vape Pen and your cart of choice, available in 39 different flavours. You can be sure that the content of these carts won’t let you down but will get you real high instead. It’s a perfect solution for your daily discreet self-medication, providing you instantly with the desired long-lasting effect with just one deep hit. The buzz from Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge is something special – it lasts much longer than average cartridges can give. Whether you pursue recreational goals or require some deep medication, the amazing potency of these carts will help you to fulfill your needs instantly.

Each Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge contains 475 mg of premium-quality THC distillate and 25 mg per each of the 39 various combinations of organic marijuana-derived natural terpenes. You can choose carts pre-filled with the distillate of your favourite weed strain and be sure to get the exact desired effect – and a nice and smooth taste will make you want to try them all.

Both experienced users and beginners will appreciate this product for its decent punch, affordable price, and easiness of use. Unlike pre-filled disposable pens, Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge gives you the possibility to switch between your favourite flavours, changing carts in your Viterra Vape Pen.

Our online store offers Viterra THC Distillate Cartridge with a $ 10 discount, each for as low as $35. But if you’re not sure what flavour to choose, you can save even more. Just order from our online store a selection of 3 or 5 carts and get an additional discount per each order – and we’ll pick for you some of the best carts from our top-shelf that won’t leave you unimpressed.

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19.02.2019 21:17

Strong enough, many flavors, good quality, fair price. I do recommend it!

15.05.2019 21:17

Ordered the cherry cookies one! The best I’ve tasted yet! And great buzz!

18.06.2019 19:18

very nice tasty dist! very potent sativa! GTH is one of my fave!

01.08.2019 11:30

I got it for my sister who had a panic attack. She loves the easy use and nice smooth taste: wedding cake and orange cookies ☀ . And her behavior upgraded. No f★★kin blown minds. will be ordering many more thanks for the service

02.08.2019 06:45

Hi there. I bought 4 cartridges various terps: wedding cake, gelato, orange and New York. Very tasty and pure distillate thc. Really the best I tasted early. The effects were euphoric and energetic, providing enough energy to walk around and socialize for a couple of hours. Only 5 stars. Wedding Cake 🎂 is my pressure.

06.08.2019 13:13

Let me just say gelato is crazy. I took 1 hit and got knocked on my ass lol. I’m about to try Pineapple Express

06.08.2019 13:15

Pineapple Express tastes so good. I don’t think I’ll be ordering gelato again

23.12.2019 16:11

Great for a day working without a couch locking effect. Dry mouth and a bit of dry eye. Highly recommended!

04.01.2020 21:17

This product is awesome! I like having 5-7 different flavors. This makes me feel alive!

09.03.2020 16:19

I LOVE this product! smoke really well. different flavors. wonderful buzz)

27.04.2020 13:59

This vape works well providing a really nice and balanced maximum. many flavors with natural terpenes.

18.05.2020 18:27

Very good! Love it!

16.06.2020 11:58

I use these for self-medicating anxiety relaxation and after hard work. there are so many flavors. I'd like to taste all of them)

16.07.2020 22:01

The buzz was amazing! Lasted much longer than other carts!

30.09.2020 20:37

Ordered a bunch of vitrera vape shop and tried two. Cannot get anything at all. Yes, the pen is charged. I’ve tried pulling in cart when it’s off the pen to prime it and still I get nothing!!!help!

14.11.2020 22:19

Strawberry cough, GG#4 and Gelato are my favorite. Decent punch. Excellent for an experienced consumers.

24.01.2021 14:57

Awesome!!! Very good collection of natural terpenes. Highly recommended.

16.02.2021 20:01

The perfect distillate! GG4 is one of my favorite flavor!

05.03.2021 13:01

Good quality! Nice buzz!

26.03.2021 16:34

’ve bought these distillates a few times now and it never disappoints. Nice different flavors.

12.05.2021 14:49

Really strong sativa stuff! Good energizer! Highly recommend!