London Donovan THC Vape Pen 300mg Disposable

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Type: Vapes
Info:Disposable Vape Pen, Distillate THC 300mg
Tags:Cannabis, Hash, CBD
Brand: London Donovan

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What is London Donovan Pen And Why It’s Worth Ordering London Donovan From Our Website

London Donovan Pen is your ultimate choice if you need something more than just an average weed vape pen. Searching for a real deal while in the market for a remarkable weed pen? Here’s the best place to order your own London Donovan – our website.

London Donovan Disposable Pen is one of the best products of this kind available in Canada because it is devoid of the drawbacks plaguing many disposable weed vape pen brands.

You can always rely on your London Donovan Pen because

  • It’s easy to see the amount of oil left in it
  • You can be sure that you will be able to use it till the very last drop and the battery inside won’t die all of a sudden before that.
  • Each pen is tested before it hits the shop shelves
  • Many disposable weed vape pens leave a lot of content wasted due to the battery going low at the least expected moment, but it’s not the case when the London Donovan Disposable Pen at hand.
  • Moreover, London Donovan THC Vape Pen 300mg Disposable contains the 3rd generation porous ceramic coil generating a much smoother and tastier vapour thanks to the millions of micropores that produce ideal aerosol with smaller particles and improved nearly instant THC delivery.

Another reason why this product by London Donovan in Canada holds the position among bestsellers is that it contains 300 mg of the purest and highly potent THC distillate mixed with natural terpenes. This vape pen is available in seven amazing flavours of some of the most popular strains:

Girl Scout cookies,

White Widow,

Cherry Pie,

Pink Kush,

Grand Daddy Purple,

Northern Lights

Jack Herer.

Each of these vape pens is sold in our online store for as low as $50 with a $10 discount. This is one of the greatest offers in Canada you can find online.

Basically, the only contra to this particular product by London Donovan – refills is what you prefer. But if you're not from the league of those who despise disposable products, then the London Donovan pen is your proper choice.

London Donovan THC Vape Pen 300mg Disposable provides the customer with an extremely discreet and very simple possibility to medicate on the go. All you need is to make a steady puff from the top.

It produces just enough odour to satisfy the customer with a delightful taste, but there will be no cannabis smell afterwards at all. The unwanted noses poking into one’s business of staying comfortably high won’t sniff out anything they shouldn’t know about.

Buy More — Pay Less:

3 Vapes — $180 $119 Save $61
5 Vapes — $300 $199 Save $101

Ordering 3 or 5 cartridges kit, write in the comments field the flavor you would like to receive.


28.05.2018 09:38

I'm absolutely loving it. I will definitely be buying more 😀

02.06.2018 08:31

Top quality product. Great packaging. These guys are the best.

06.06.2019 20:02

I bought this in the white widow strain. I use a few times a day and am almost out of it ! This strain has been so helpful for my anxiety and depression Pros - discreet, simple easy to use, can see amount of oil left Cons - pricey given its only 300ml - currently out of stock of white widow

24.06.2019 12:05

Amazing fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

08.08.2019 11:38

This is absolutely the best vape pen on the market!! Every pen I've bought in the past always had alot of left over, wasted product because the battery always went dead before the product was done. This used every last drop. This pen is discrete and easy to use.

11.08.2019 16:42

I order, you give crazy directions to pay. Then you say ypu dont have the product. I need to walk into a store. And talk to someone. Sorry but please have someone call me so I dont send money, have it dissapear from my account, then have someone inform me, a month later that you have no products. Pissed off!!!

25.02.2020 16:19

Cherry pie and widow are really awesome. Will order again.

03.05.2020 20:17

I really like London vapes. Unforgettable flavors with natural terpenes.

02.08.2020 21:19

I'm a joint smoker, but this vape is very potent. Northern lights cool!

02.11.2020 20:45

I smoke anywhere, no canna smell at all, and easy to transport.

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