London Donovan THC Distillate Oil Drops

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Type: Oil, Vapes
Tags:Oil, THC, Vapes
Brand: London Donovan
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Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Sunflower Lecithin Oil, THC Distillate

Our THC Distillate drops are made from our high potency second pass Distillate with MCT oil and sunflower lecithin oil.
Available in 300mg and 900mg Delta 9 THC. Per 15ml bottles.

02.06.2018 03:11

This shit made me so goddamn horny. Sex was great to say the least

13.05.2020 17:19

I use it from the dropper (have something that measures 0.2 ml/twice per day - my preferred dose) under the tongue - nothing to burn that way and it does the trick. I calm down, I get stoned but not wiped out and that is important these days. The price was right for me and the delivery was prompt. Love the folks at Lady Jane's