Terra Tonic THC Tincture Drops D9

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Type: Oil, THC Tincture Drops
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Terra Tonic Tincture Drops D9 THC 2000mg provides a powerful treatment option for a variety of conditions ranging from Appetite Stimulation to Insomnia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Depression and Anxiety, Pain Management, Seizure Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Management of Cancer Symptoms, Glaucoma, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Nausea.

How to Use
The tincture is one of the simplest and most discreet types of products out there, and it’s easy to adjust the dosage to suit your preferences as well. For fast results, drop the recommended amount on the product label under your tongue. The arterial blood supply under the tongue aids in what is one of the quickest absorption methods, usually taking an effect in about half an hour. If you think that you would like to try a higher dose, just increase it by a small amount the next day.

It’s important to work your way up slowly, especially if you are using a THC-based tincture. If you don’t like the sublingual approach or taste of your tincture, you can always place your drops in a drink or on food. However, these ingestion methods will result in slower absorption into your body.

Terra Tonic THCΔ-9 2000 tincture is made with plant extract combined with MCT Oil made from coconuts. MCT Oil has nutritional benefits, is easy to digest, and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Made in Canada.Order today.

Supplement facts
Bottle size - 30ml
Typical dose 0.5mL (1/2 dropper)
Total servings per bottle: 60
Total THC Δ-9 - 33.5mg
Other Ingredients - MCT oil

30.11.-0001 00:00

I’ve been taking this product for several months and it works well. Will buy it again.

30.11.-0001 00:00

No taste, excellent results! This product helped me and my wife get a better night's sleep! Highly recommend!

23.03.2020 21:08

From time to time I get nausea and it helps me out)

23.03.2020 21:16

This is a great way to awesome high!

19.05.2020 10:23

I’ve been buying this product for the past few months as an alternative to smoking. My top 10list. Highly recommend!

25.06.2020 16:19

The best thc tincture. Incredible pain management and fantastic therapeutic effects.

06.08.2020 20:04

This is a great way to heal! Unbelievable pain reliever!

12.08.2020 20:54

After playing sports, my knees began to hurt and it was difficult for me to fall asleep, fortunately, this tincture helps me a lot.

17.08.2020 15:49

I put a couple of drops and - what a wonderful day.

01.01.2021 19:30

Helps me stay asleep longer. The first use felt more like it was masking stress & anxiety.

06.01.2021 21:14

I’ve been taking this oil for almost two years and I like it. No funny taste and I’ll continue taking this oil.

26.02.2021 16:11

A couple of drops in my coffee in the morning and I'm fine all day.

05.03.2021 18:43

Honestly the best tincture on the market. Lovely sleek bottle and design. Awesome pain management and good therapeutic effect.

11.03.2021 19:40

Works great, I have been taking it for anxiety for several months, making a massive difference.

10.07.2021 14:05

Great product absorbs well and is almost tasteless. It helps me with my ADHD and anxiety gives a calming effect with no side effects 🙂

09.09.2021 16:18

Amazing for helping with sleep and overall relaxation. Highly recommend trying this for yourself.

25.10.2021 11:39

I am very happy with these drops, I purchased the highest dosage for insomnia due to fibromyalgia and they also help me a bit with pain.

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