South America Shroom

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Type: Magic Mushroom

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Best Use

Awakenings are a gift. They can be life-affirming and life-changing. Best used with care in a comfortable setting with loved ones. Abuse of this powerful medicine can have lasting and unforeseen effects. Best consumed with an open mind and preparedness to smile and laugh.


0.5-1.5 grams – moderate to low strength

1.5-4 grams – medium to full trip

Length of trip

If taking a full dose effects should be felt within 20-45 mins. Sometimes a touch of the herb can help to kick the Cubensis into gear. 

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16.02.2020 20:31

The main effect of mushroom microdosing on my nervous system is to reduce anxiety and increase concentration. Other properties of the fungus can manifest themselves in a purely individual way.

26.05.2020 16:47

The mushroom enhances the effects of THC, in my opinion. Sometimes it's not even cool) Before going to bed, I can plunge into magic, I can lie for about 20 minutes with the fear of not falling asleep at all) In the afternoon, it can smudge sooooo much on the wall and throw it into a fever, which makes it lazy to move around. I will say one thing, with my smoking experience, I reduced the frequency of THC use by at least three)

04.06.2020 18:20

Mushrooms can be called traditional medicine. And everyone starts comparing them to drugs)

02.08.2020 14:33

Well, there is definitely one effect, after the start of taking mushrooms, my eyes began to darken when I get up abruptly, I thought it heals and does not cripple, well, let's see how it works)

10.02.2021 19:34

My first-week microdosing experience. 1. The inner interlocutor with negative conversations has disappeared, almost completely. 2. No cravings for alcohol. 3. Sleep has returned to normal, I just fall through until the morning. Highly recommended!

21.06.2021 19:04

I've been eating for a week now, so far I have not observed any obvious changes, but there is no point in taking more than 2 grams per day, probably I will again switch to taking 1 grams in the morning and that's it.

24.07.2021 20:39

Took it at night and immediately go to bed, wake up refreshed and vigorous. Dreams are a separate topic. What cool dreams began to be dreamed, beyond words! Realism just rolls over! Colors, sounds, smells, sensations of reality ... it's just a masterpiece!

01.08.2021 14:03

I struggle with depression and neuroses, even at the beginning of the path, but the result is amazing.