Room 920 HOT Chocolate Drink Mix Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms 1g

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Type: Psilocybin Mushroom Candies
Info:1 gram
Brand: Room 920

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HOT Chocolate Drink Mix

Room 920 – Hot Chocolate Drink Mix – 1 Gram (Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms)
Room 920 Hot Chocolate is infused with psilocybin and is perfect for cool evenings or nighttime use. Use milk, dairies, or fats to bind with the psilocybin and activate it to its fullest potential.

Suggested dosing - tread lightly. Pour contents into a cup, add hot water, and stir.

powdered milk, sugar, cocoa powder, salt.
Active Ingredients: Amazonian Cubensis Extract.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not consume if you are pregnant or nursing.
Packaged in the same facility, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.
Proudly made and tested in Canada.

25.01.2020 20:30

I was skeptical about this mix, but now it’s my best friend against day stress! I find it super effective and delicious adding some cinnamon.

27.03.2020 17:01

This shroom drink never gets boring. It's a pure joy of senses.

17.05.2020 21:25

Awesome experience! The hot chocolate was obviously wonderful.

07.09.2020 19:18

Wow! This hot chocolate drink is super tasty and effective. I had a warm and comfortable buzz. Highly recommend!

04.10.2020 16:49

This drink is very good. I like mixing different flavors with the mushrooms especially with choco.