Mazatapec Shroom

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Type: Magic Mushroom

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A hardy classic cubensis strain from deep in southern Mexico. The Mazatapec is sought for its spirituality from within. An aggressive, rhizomorphic mycelium is another characteristic of this strain. Another good choice for the beginner. The Mazatapec also has the tendency to be an abundant fruiter. Colonization temperatures 84/86 degrees F. Fruiting temperatures 74/78 degrees F is optimal. The Mazatapec strain was found in Mexico. It is an easy mushroom to grow and one of the most resistant. Its caps stay partially closed. Although these mushrooms grow somewhat slower than the other cubensis, they are definitely worth trying!



Low: 0.25 – 1 .00 grams

Medium: 1.00 – 2.50 grams

Strong: 2.50 – 5.00 grams

Heavy: 5.00 grams and upwards

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28.04.2020 08:39

I will say that the action of the mushroom is cumulative. I only felt a change during the break. It was at that moment that I realized that it works, and how it works)

01.06.2020 18:38

I used to drink antidepressants, and in general, they helped. But the effect of mushrooms is exactly the same in sensations, only faster. With antidepressants, you need to wait two weeks. When you get off antidepressants, withdrawal is terrible. Unreal.

18.07.2020 18:35

Personally, I can be very upset if I combine the intake of mushrooms and THC before bed. But I feel uncomfortable. In a word, if you are dealing with mushrooms, use microdosing. Want a Trip - start with 5g.

24.10.2020 12:50

For example, I have been taking 1gr in the morning for 2 weeks already. And I can say with confidence that there is an anti-anxiety effect. I have become much easier to respond to aggravators.

22.01.2021 18:09

Hello everyone! I have been microdosing for 2 months: 2 times a day, a teaspoon. I remain opiate-free to this day! This is great!

28.02.2021 15:43

I have been taking microdosing for 14 days. I am a very anxious person about everything! On the 5th day, I felt a surge of joy.

26.06.2021 20:08

If someone needs to get out of the body - try psilocybin mushrooms :) With them I leave the body and communicate with spirits.

03.07.2021 09:27

I went to a psychiatrist. The symptoms of my illness were a little blurred, but internal tension, headaches, psychos, tight shoulders and a lot of things remained. After microdosing, I was just reborn and different. I calmed down, I just want to live! THX!