AFTERLIFE Psilocybin Chocolate Bar 1g

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Type: Psilocybin Mushroom Candies
Brand:  Afterlife

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Are you ready to integrate psilocybin into your holistic wellness routine? Maybe you’re looking to microdose on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits of increased creativity, decreased anxiety, and improved mood, or you might be looking to take your next philosophical discussion with friends to a whole new level with a museum dose. Either way, Wonder has you covered.
To micro-dose, consume one piece of the chocolate bar, every 90 minutes until desired effects are achieved. To enjoy a museum dose, consume bar, and enjoy expanding your mind. Have a wonderful time.

The AfterLife Chocolate Bar provides an easy, consistent, reliable, and tasty way to ingest your Magic Mushrooms. Made in Canada. 1000mg Psilocybe Cubensis – Golden Teacher. Order today!

Buy AfterLife Chocolate Bar 1000mg Psilocybe online in Canada and be ready for a new experience of the entourage effect.

11.07.2019 13:47

Wonderful psilocybin bars! No doubt, the best!

22.02.2020 19:14

The trip was a great experience with lots of learning. The peak for me happened about an hour in or so. I don’t get visuals often while tripping. But this time I had. I love it!!

25.03.2020 13:58

I was really skeptical at first, to be honest. But that all changed at once. This bar makes magic. Overall, great experience.

05.04.2020 21:15

Delicious. I started with the whole bar! Mushroom edibles are the future.

12.06.2020 20:39

I hadn’t eaten shrooms for years, so I started with one square, over the course of the evening I ate the rest and had a good time.

16.09.2020 22:11

I don't like shrooms' taste and smell. But this bar is amazing. I took a half and the buzz was pleasant. Very nice for beginner. Will definitely buy again.

06.11.2020 19:12

Amazing experience! Highly recommend!

20.12.2020 17:44

Awesome product! Hoping for more purchases soon. I want to use it as a holiday stocking stuffer.

23.01.2021 17:39

Amazing taste, worked better then expected