Mota Chocolate Cannabis

What are MOTA chocolate cups, and why they stand out among other cannabis-infused edibles in Canada?

MOTA is a well-known brand in Canada among true connoisseurs of quality marijuana products, especially edible ones. But even in the outstanding line of edibles by MOTA, some stand out: MOTA chocolate cups.

  • MOTA Peanut Butter Cup and
  • MOTA Caramel Cup are the types of MOTA chocolate products that can satisfy the customers with the highest demands and level of tolerance. And all of that at a very reasonable cost!

The dosage of these sweet treats is definitely not for newbies unless you want to divide one piece into several small portions.

Each of these fantastic MOTA chocolate cups contains an impressive amount of THC – 200 mg along with 20 mg of CBD, providing the consumer with the more-than-satisfying entourage effect.

The presence of CBD helps to unwind the healing properties of the main component, which is clearly felt in the flavour of MOTA chocolate cups because of the high THC concentration.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t spoil the overall taste of these magnificent MOTA chocolate treats, which are tasty and actually also might be one of the biggest chocolate cups you’ve ever held in your hands. They weigh 50 grams and are 15 × 10 × 1 cm sized.

The load of the THC and CBD in one cup can soothe even the most pronounced symptoms of chronic pains, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and many more medical conditions treated by marijuana components craftily mixed in these yummy cups by MOTA specialists.

Some people prefer to consume them at room temperature. But these MOTA chocolate cups definitely feel much better when they’re frozen because the low temperature muffles the weedy THC note.

Another reason to keep these cups in the freezer is that their active components are stored way better in a cool dry place. Also, if you’re not planning to conquest the euphoric peaks of 200 mg of THC at once, it is much easier to divide one MOTA chocolate cup into several pieces when it’s frozen and hardened.

Last but not least: these MOTA chocolate cups have flavours that can easily compete with the regular sweets of the same kind. Even if you haven’t been a huge fan of edibles before, you will surely like the MOTA chocolate cup filled with tasty peanut butter, as well as yummy caramel filling. MOTA chocolate cups are something definitely worth trying in our online store. Buy it now and get the perfection in terms of weed edibles within two to four business days!