THC Infused Jelly Candies

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Type: Edibles
Info:Marijuana Gum, 3 candies, 75mg THC each

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Would you like to have an unusual party or find a special gift for your girlfriend? We have something better than ordinary Gummy Bears! This is a delicious jelly candy with a secret. They contain THC and help you get into a colourful sweet world. This treat is definitely not for children! Bright jelly with a pleasant taste will suit those who are tired of smoking and vaping or just looking for new sensations. These sweeties are also a great choice for newcomers to the cannabis world for their first meeting with THC.

Jelly candies are so bright and sweet that you want to swallow them all at once. But be careful! 
Each of them is able to open new horizons of consciousness, relax the body and give a powerful creative charge. Jelly made with love especially for those who wants to relieve everyday stress.
The composition includes only natural ingredients:
water, sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, etc. Of course, inside you will find the purest natural THC, derived from the best varieties of marijuana.

Candies can be used for medical purposes. They will help in reliefing headaches or reducing the level of anxiety. You may not want to teach your body to smoke, but you need healing THC. In this case, these funny jelly created specially for you! They can be used even in the daytime, if the migraine is caught at the wrong moment. Candy will help you to relax, but will keep your mind clear, so that you can safely continue your business.

In 1 package - 3 candies, 75 mg THC each, taste - multyflover. The age of consumers is 19+.

13.11.2018 17:08

Amazing! Best edibles I’ve had and I have a high tolerance. Love that they are strain specific and the portions are perfect, so you can medicate properly.

15.11.2018 13:43

I really was surprise at how potent this gummy is. Me having a high tolerance for weed ate the entire gummy . I felt a head high immediately. It last hours and I’m not sure what tomorrow will feel like cause I’m so high I had to hoodie this lol will update . It’s very strong .