Storm Extracts White Chocolate Strawberry

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Type: Edibles
Info:1200mg, 1800mg THC
Brand: Storm Extracts


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Storm Extracts have been established in 2018 in Toronto.
Storm Extracts Swiss milk and white chocolate bars are infused with lab-tested, high-quality cannabis oils. The correct concentration and ratio of cannabinoids and other compounds help to relieve pains, anxiety, stress, and many other conditions. These handcrafted chocolates are the best sweet medication

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26.08.2020 16:46

These strawberry chocolates by Storm Extracts are really delicious! The only thing wrong with them is that they taste so good))! I wish it was a whole bowl rather than one chocolate bar.

14.10.2020 15:47

Delivered on time. Reasonably priced. Definitely buy again!

04.11.2020 14:56

I love this chocolate. I buy a pack for me and my mother-in-law. She’s never had an edible and I found these and now she buys a bar of chocolate almost every week.

02.04.2021 20:49

The bar high is nice and mellow. It’s not time to go to bed but you still have energy. It even helped my girlfriend's back pain.

19.05.2021 19:19

Chocolate was exactly as depicted - delivery was on time. Would order again.

02.07.2021 11:55

Great product! Excellent service! My go-to company for chocolate. Storm Extracts is great and really works.

17.08.2021 19:17

I took a 2 square and had a piece at 11 then another at 3.00, I didn't realize till on my way home that I did everything I needed to do and just felt good but mellow all day. No attitude just got into what I was doing and any pain just seemed far away. It was nice!!!

25.08.2021 09:01

I bought the 1800mg and absolutely love it! Will purchase it again!