Storm Extracts White Chocolate Cookie and Cream 1200mg, 1800mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:1200mg, 1800mg THC
Brand: Storm Extracts


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Storm Extracts Chocolate — White Chocolate Cookie and Cream — Total of either 1200mg or 1800mg THC. This handcrafted chocolate will melt in your mouth and wish you had bought more! Try White Chocolate Cookie and Cream today. Very delicious.

22.04.2020 17:14

My favorite product so far. The best bang for my buck ;) Tastes exactly like the strawberry and coconut.

07.09.2020 13:55

This is so good. Not only does it taste delicious but it gets the job done.

17.03.2021 18:48

The taste is delicious and good high. Definitely buy again.

13.06.2021 11:36

Strongest edible out there, definitely gave me a good buzz from 1/3 of the bar. Great price too

07.07.2021 15:02

I'm not kidding, I get high on this... Full buzz!!!

10.08.2021 17:36

Hits you like a ton of bricks. Good product

28.08.2021 08:22

I recommend you break this in 4/6. It's delicious and will buy it again!! You feel an amazing buzz!

15.09.2021 13:54

The taste was amazing and the high was just as good. Bought more on the next order.