Storm Extracts White Chocolate 500-1200-1800mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:1200mg, 1800mg THC
Brand: Storm Extracts


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Storm Extracts White Chocolate — either 500, 1200 or 1800mg THC. This handcrafted chocolate will melt in your mouth and wish you had bought more! Try White Chocolate by Storm Extracts today. Very delicious.

07.02.2022 11:33

Took about 55 mins to kick in and the high only lasted about 2 hours which was very mild, it was my first try.

23.02.2022 19:48

I bought these as an introduction to microdosing to improve my overall mood, and so far the results have been wonderful. Will buy again for sure!

11.03.2022 14:10

Excellent chocolate, no weird nasty weed taste. Easy to microdose. I had a light and mood-brightening sensation.

22.03.2022 13:00

Very good edible product.

02.04.2022 15:51

Love this stuff. Not bad taste, hits me so hard for some reason.