Storm Extracts Milk Chocolate 1200mg THC

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Type: Edibles
Info:1200mg THC
Brand: Storm Extracts


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Storm Extracts has been started the production of canna products in 2018 in Toronto.
Storm Extracts Swiss milk and white chocolate bars are infused with lab-tested, high-quality cannabis oils. The right concentration and proportion of cannabinoids and other compounds offer to diminish stress, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and lack of appetite, and numerous other conditions. Enjoy these handcrafted chocolates.

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25.06.2020 13:39

The chocolate is pretty amazing. Accidentally ate 10 mg, forgot what I was doing, and ate 10 mg more. Then woke up 16 hours later I’m in the same exact position, so if you need to sleep, this one has you covered, just be careful. I liked how I did not feel any anxiety, rather I became extremely thoughtful and relaxed, but I also did not feel self-conscious or anxious.

01.11.2020 11:09

I love these chocos! I've ordered three times. Help with anxiety and relieves pains.

05.11.2020 15:44

Chocolate with a smooth feeling. I will be ordering again.

22.02.2021 20:18

One of the few brands I use when I'm in the mood for quality chocolate edibles.

18.03.2021 18:48

I love all storm extracts!!!

30.05.2021 12:56

This is my ultimate favorite... the milk choco is delicious, has good strong effects. Just love it so much. Excellent bar!

02.06.2021 12:33

It is nice to have a quality product and to deal with a trustworthy company.

05.08.2021 18:07

If you're sensitive to edibles, perhaps take a lower dose, or talk to your doctor about it first.

23.08.2021 18:54

The chocolate is amazing and very helpful. It minimizes my stress and pain. I highly recommend it.