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Type: Edibles
Info:Gummies, 400mg total per bag
Brand: Natures Harvest Elixr

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High-Quality Nature’s Harvest ElixR Gummies 200 mg per piece, 2 pieces in pack, 400 mg total per bag. Buy THC Nature’s Harvest ElixR  Gummies online at LadyJaneExpress. Special price. Full-spectrum THC infused gummy candy.

11.04.2020 08:45

We ate the whole pack in about 10 minutes...and woke up on the floor about 6 hours later 😂 Felt like I was floating through the universe. Best high ever tho. We still laugh about it, but I do smaller doses now.

13.04.2020 04:54

15mg is enough for most to get a decent buzz but if you want more just double it up. I loved it and would definitely do it again. By far the best mg to price deal.

13.04.2020 12:28

I tried that and after some disappointment I came to realize that anything less than 50mg is a waste of time for me. 100mg is a good time, 200 is great, and 300 starts to make my lips numb in the best way possible. If I ate 400mg I would actually lose my mind for a few hours 😝