London Donovan Full Spectrum Extracts

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Type: Concentrates
Info:Extract, Sold in 1gm
Brand: London Donovan

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$75 $55

It was cryogenically frozen before it was extracted with a hydrocarbon blend. All of the waxes and fats were removed, then we put it through a long and slow process of forming THCA Crystals once they grew to full maturity and all solvent purged. The terpenes are added back to the THCA to make this amazing extract complete.

We packaged them in glass 1g jars with tamper evident seal to lock in all the greatness!

29.01.2019 21:29

Well done, let some friends who have not really had highly quality products try this and they could not believe the effects. it would be nice to see a variety pack with a discount maybe..