6ixotics Shatter

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Type: ConcentratesShatter
Info:1gm package
Tags:Hash, Edibles, Cannabis
Brand: 6ixotics

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Shatter and the other kinds of cannabis concentrates are mostly called “dabs.” The reason for this is that they are commonly used with a dab ring, although there are other options available. Other ways to use this mail order weed in Canada is with flower, hash pipe or vaporizer.

Whether recreational or medical, shatter offers various ways to experience the effects of marijuana. Its very high cannabinoid concentrations give recreational users an immediate strong hit. In the same way, it gives patients fast and strong relief from symptoms like severe pain.

11.02.2019 20:54

Its a very nice shatter, price has a big influence. I feel like its in a lump when you get it. Its not like other shatter in the way that it will be flat. If you live somewhere warm or you heat up a little you can get it to look like regular shatter. But here in canada its hard as a rock and breaks very easy if its not warm. Essentially keep at like room temp. To make your like easier and not im a cold basement. Its a great high and puts me to sleep. I will be buying again. 9/10