YODA Extracts CBD Full Spectrum

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Type: CBDOil Drops
Info:1000mg CBD, Per 30ml bottles
Brand: Yoda Extracts

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Each 30ml bottle of CBD Tincture by Yoda Extracts is made with nothing but 99.5% pure CBD Full Spectrum and pure organic MCT Oil. The bottle contains 1000mg CBD which is around 600 drops. This an amazing healthy solution to anxiety, depression, and pain.

May Relieve: chronic pain, arthritis or joint pain, anxiety, and depression, sleep disorder, migraine, cluster and other headaches, PTSD, nausea, cancer, allergies or asthma, epilepsy and other seizure disorders, MS, lung conditions, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease.

18.03.2020 21:28

This is my favorite CBD to help me sleep when the insomnia bug bites.

09.07.2020 11:55

Top-notch medicine! Very effective pain relief. Highly recommend for nighttime use for pain, nausea, insomnia! :-)

21.08.2020 20:12

Yoda is great for sleep and just being lazy for the day.

30.11.2020 09:39

A great product! I have been taking this at nite.to calm me down & get me ready to sleep. It does seem to take 30/40 minutes to relax me. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so I'm hoping with regular use I will be sleeping better.