Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

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Type: CBD, Body Products
Info:Muscle Rub, 28gm | 150mg CBD
Brand: Quanta

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Quanta Muscle Rub is the newest CBD-based agent made in combination with Arnica, Turmeric and essential oils. It has an excellent analgesic effect and improves overall health. The Rub was created after a cannabis manufacturing plant found out that CBD has an analgesic effect. This type includes pure CBD, which is extracted from both types of cannabis.

Quanta Muscle Rub was created in the laboratory of Burlington Lazer Clinic. It is based on pure CBD, as well as herbal extracts and essential oils.

Special features Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

Quanta Muscle Rub is based on the unique Quanta technology. It allows scientists to work on CBD at the molecular level, maximizing the beneficial properties of the oil. Quanta Muscle Rub differs from other types by a number of advantages. It instantly relieves pain. The positive effect persists for several hours.

Quanta Muscle Rub refers to painkillers, but also has additional effects. It supports the overall tone of the body and does not allow people to get tired. Also, CBD improves makes the user vigorous.

Medical use of Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

Created for medicinal purposes, Quanta Muscle Rub is used to relieve muscle tension, cramps and pain. It is well suited to patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or athletes who have pulled muscles during the training.

Like any pure cannabis oil, this strain does not have a pronounced taste. Shades of taste and smell are given by the essential oils contained in the composition. The aroma will also not be strong, since smoking occurs with a vape pen.

The first thing all consumers mention is a great analgesic effect. The strain performs its function well and relieves muscle spasms, chronic pain and other unpleasant sensations. Pure CBD — 150 mg.

Effects: Pain Relief, Relaxing.
Flavors: Herbs.
Helps with: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia.

07.10.2018 09:28

The level of relief from multiple chronic health issues is amazing. Fibromyalgia, traumatic disfiguring arthritis and a myriad of problems stemmed from service in the military. Quanta is dedicated to providing an amazing product throuht its process that optimezes cannabis in its utmost capacity. The muscle rub has had a great effect with pain relief on inflammation.

21.11.2018 20:41

"I got this product for my aunt. She has severe pain in hands due to arthritis. This product is a godsend!!!. I highly recommend it."

06.03.2020 06:22

I am one of those skeptical folks that did not believe that creams, rubs, gels, pastes, or lotions work on pain. I was away from home and my joints (thumbs and wrists) were in agonizing pain. A friend gave me Quanta to put on those areas and I figured that perhaps it would, at least, feel good while I was massaging those areas. So I applied the rub and went on with my day. I had forgotten about it until she asked me if it helped me. That was the moment that I realized that the pain was completely gone. Still, I thought it was a coincidence until the following day when the pain came back. I did not have access to the Quanta rub but when we got back to her house I immediately massaged it back to those spots and, almost immediately, the pain stopped. I am now a true believer that Quanta rub will always be my "go to" pain relief over Ibuprofen or any other pain relief medication for inflammation, arthritis, or muscle pain. It is small enough to carry with me where ever I roam. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.