Tropicana Cookies AAAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridsAAAAA
Info:THC 21-28%, Indica 30%, Sativa 70%
Tags:Pre-Roll, Hash, Vapes
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Tropicana Cookies is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with genetics stemming from the popular Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. This strain provides a focused and clear-headed high that sometimes uplifts energy and causes fits of giggles. It’s been used to enhance social situations, fight mood disorders such as depression, and even fight nausea. Tropicana Cookies has a scent and taste that justify its name. It has a terpene profile that gives it a remarkably citrusy smell resembling oranges and a taste that’s both sweet and slightly floral while having those citrusy undertones as well. Tropicana Cookies has violet hues as well as golden orange tones and a dense core.
Tropicana Cookies won first place in the Sativa category at the IC 420 Growers Cup in 2019.

Cannabis information:
30% Indica / 70% Sativa
THC: 21-28%

Calming, Energizing, Giggly, Focused, Sociable

May Relieve
Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress

Citrus, Earthy, Floral, Orange, Spicy

Fruity, Citrus, Sweet, Flowery

Dominant terpene

22.09.2020 13:01

The best cookies I’ve ever smoked! The citrus flavor and smell are nothing I've ever experienced! This strain is for the true connoisseurs out there.

05.01.2021 10:32

This is most certainly grade 5A top-shelf. It is a sativa and it leaves me motivated without a hint of couch-lock in a smooth trajectory. Will buy it again!

28.01.2021 19:49

Tastes just like sweet oranges. It was the first time I ever smoked legal weed 😂 my fav!

07.02.2021 19:02

Definitely strong floral notes. Mild citrus undertones. It tastes like a dandelion.

11.03.2021 15:42

My first time smoking today. Great citrus flavor. I had a wonderful body high with a lot of energy.

03.05.2021 16:03

Fantastic strain that everyone should try. After 10mins I received a strong pack of punch in 10 min.

28.06.2021 15:40

This is a good sativa that isn’t too energetic. I️ still feel super chill yet focused. Took a really majestic portrait mode photo of my cat. I feel awoken! But in a good stoned way.

05.07.2021 11:22

Omg!!! This strain smells like summertime!!!!! The citrusy aroma fills up the entire house! Amazing smoke. Great daytime sativa! Amazing amazing!

28.07.2021 11:08

Fire as sweet orangey fruit taste, balanced functioning high. Definitely would try again.

13.09.2021 18:36

This strain is so good. Good taste and smell. Hits pretty hard! I took 2 hits and I feel pretty happy. Good mood and sweet energy.

18.10.2021 18:43

Wonderfully creative, uplifting, euphoric, and energizing without feeling hyper. This is a lovely strain after a rough day or when you’re craving some inspired artistic/craft time.