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Terra Tonic Hippy Pink 8g (AAAAA)

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Type: Cannabis
Info: THC 25%, Indica, Hybrid 
Tags: Pre-Roll, Hash, Vapes 
Brand: Terra tonic

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Organic Hippy Pink AAAAA: New Strain in Weeds World!

As an Indica dominant, Hippy Pink is a knock-out strain that can slip someone into a couch-lock with just one solid puff. It will stimulate a strong appetite as it instills joyous thoughts and big smiles. Its body buzz may work wonders for treating chronic pain, muscle tension, cramps, or other consequences of constant stress and inflammation. Reserve this one for later-in-the-day use. THC level -25%. 

Fans of Hippy Pink have said they’ve experienced an incredibly uplifting yet relaxing effect that also provides a burst of energy. The mind is seemingly soothed as thoughts are calmed, and in time some reviewers have noted the calm spreads throughout the body. Appetite may be triggered according to some. Others have used Pink Hippy to help with daily stress, inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain, and even menstrual cramps.

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Love, love, love this strain! Great for pain and insomnia. Highly recommend! Also helps with stomach issues. Completely numbs and relaxes your body. Does not make me feel lethargic like some other Kush varieties I have tried. One of my favorite strains as of today. Grade A+ from the looks, smell and the high. 

AshLee, old-school weed lover

11.04.2020 11:00

Makes me really chatty and I'm still able to get stuff done around the house.

12.04.2020 14:46

I prefer indicas over sativas just because I mostly smoke at night for a sleep aid. It got me pretty high and sleepy before bed so that's pretty much perfect to me.

16.04.2020 07:53

When I cracked the bag I was instantly happy. These were nice sized buds that smell light and potent if that makes sense. I enjoy the heavy smoke and the indica buzz. I don't do it for pain, I do it to relax and play video games with some friends when I'm not working. Made me giggle.