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Terra Tonic EL Muerte AAAAA

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Type: CannabisAAAAA
Info:THC 25%, Indica
Tags:Pre-Roll, Hash, Vapes
Brand: Terra tonic


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El Muerte. This Indica-heavy strain is the perfect high for nighttime relaxation. Containing sweet, fruity, and earthy aromas, it creates a calmness stemming from the mind and through the body. It’s known as a sleep-inducing strain that can also help relieve body pain and headaches. 25% THC.

About Company Terra Tonic
Terra Tonic was born on the premise to provide you only the finest Cannabis and Cannabis-related products. Working with many small-batch craft farms in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, they can do just that!! Terra Tonic GUARANTEE their products 100% and look forward to servicing your elevated needs. Order today.

12.06.2020 20:15

Awesome buds! strong buzz, quality smoke, and decent taste as well.

03.10.2020 12:56

Nice buds, incredible taste. Thx guys. This thing is an insomnia killer.