Sundae to Sunday (AAAAA)

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Type: Cannabis
Info: THC 30%
Tags: Pre-Roll, Hash, Vapes 

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Sundae to Sunday Strain is a new weed on the market. This is the cross between Sundae Driver and Pink OG. Sundae to Sunday weed is a very heavy and potent hybrid with THC level — 30%!!!!

Just imagine these numbers! This weed has a powerful sedative effect and allows you to relax every cell in your body after a hard day. It can reduce pain, nausea, and back problems; has an analgesic effect and allows you to recover from complex operations or injuries.

You will also get complete relaxation of the nervous system, which is very important for people with mental disorders. You can concentrate on a specific business and relax. This is a great tool for those who need a sound and healthy sleep. The only caveat is THC 30%. Do not exceed your daily rate and you will get an exclusively positive effect.

 Time to Try a Strong Hybrid Sundae to Sunday AAAAA

It gives a very strong sedative and happy high. You will find sweet creamy and fruity flavors as well as notes of earthy and grassy hues. This is the best weed to relieve headaches, stress, and depression. You do not even need a company in order to get the most positive effect while smoking. Just a few puffs and you will go to a country of dreams where there is no place for pain and despair.

This type of cannabis is great for people who want to fight suicidal tendencies. Total relaxation guarantees you the opportunity to abstract from all annoying factors and problems. You can easily fall asleep, enjoy the tranquility and serenity of you. You can buy Sundae to Sunday in our online store and enjoy the new taste and get all the advantages of a dominant hybrid. Try it, and Sundae to Sunday strain will knock you down.

Strain attributes:
Flavors: Creamy, Fruity, Sweet.
Helps with: Insomnia, Depression, Headache, Stress, and nausea, has strong analgesic properties
Effects: Relaxing, Stress-relief, Anti-anxiety, Sedative, Pain relief.

23.12.2019 18:14

This THC bomb tore me into atoms. Beginners - be careful with this shit. experienced smokers - enjoy

24.12.2019 15:43

I have been smoking for almost 10 years, mainly after work. but I have never regretted taking two puffs in a row. guys, this is really a very strong strain.