Sundae Driver AAAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridAAAA
Info:THC 18-24%, Sativa 15%, Indica 85%
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Sundae Driver Strain in Canada

Sundae Driver is a strain that emerged on the scene in 2017 and wasted no time in generating a name for itself. The indica-dominant strain received massive buzz for its quality, dense trichomes and nugs that span a range of colors. Since debuting in 2017, Sundae Driver has made list after list of must-have strains for smokers and growers alike.

With a lineage stemming from parents Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles, Sundae Driver boasts an earthy, green, pungent aroma in addition to cuts of sweet caramel. The combination of aromas is one of the primary factors that began the buzz around Sundae Driver. Mixed with the flower’s colorful mix of green, orange and purple colors, an evident trait from Fruity Pebbles, it is no surprise that Sundae Driver generated significant interest from the industry.

Exceptional, Outstanding and One of the best purple strains

Sundae Driver’s effects tend to leave you with a mellow high that shouldn’t give anyone feelings of being overwhelmed. Much like a Sunday Drive, expect a heavy dose of pleasant, peacefulness to set it. With its balanced ease, Sundae Driver is an ideal strain for a chilled Sunday afternoon just as much as it helps ease you into a pleasant lie-down.

Strain information:

Effects: Happy, Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifted 
Flavors: Creamy, Fruity, Sweet, Tangy.
Helps with: Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress.

01.05.2019 08:28

"very chill, I expected a body high but got a nice solid dome buzz; calm but not sleepy; positive high, great for an end of the day come down"

01.05.2019 16:12

By far one of the best strains I’ve tried so far! It’s going to be difficult to top this one. Very smooth, chill like euphoric feel but still play it cool. I can’t wait to get more and share it with some friends. HIGHly recommend!

03.07.2019 08:18

Biggest trichomes production I’ve seen in my life. Shouldn’t be a 4a for sure, it smell real dank , taste fire 🔥 and hit you like a truck ! Not the weed you wake and bake with , if so say goodnight again 🤘

27.07.2019 19:21

Where do you guys get these flowers. I have a magnifying glass at home and I use it to look at flowers. The amount of crystal on Sundae driver is insane. All I see is crystal. Beautiful sweet sativa nose, but hits you like a gas truck. Very tasty. Please let your grower know that he has done a magnificent job on this one.🔥

27.08.2019 12:02

Wow!!! Hit me just right! A very happy type of high. I really love this strain . I got this as a tester and they will get the result they want cause I am ordering an Oz if this asap. Highly recommend this beautiful flower.

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