Snowball Kush AAA

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Type: Cannabis
THC 23%, Indica 70%, Sativa 30%
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Snowball Kush is a magic indica dominant flower

The cannabis strain Snowball from the well-known manufacturer Ethos Genetics is the dominant Indica hybrid (70% Indica and 30% Sativa) with a high level of THC. This winner creates huge plantations with crops of dense buds decorated with trichomes.

Even for a novice gardener to grow this plant will not be difficult. Time to flowering: 56-70 days. Bright terpenes fill the air and nose with a creamy note and light citrus scents. These scents are ideal for many marijuana lovers. Breeder - Ethos Genetics. The Snowball cannabis strain is a cross between the white x Chem 4 OG S1 cannabis strains.

Snowball Kush has a bright terpene cream notes, earth and light citrus

Cannabis strain provides a powerful Snowball of excitement, followed by deep relaxation. This strain is ideal for evening use. Snowball Kush will give you a really magical mood. Under this grass it is good to think over your dreams and hopes which, unambiguously, will seem to you real and feasible, no matter how they looked or sounded. Turn on the slow relaxing music and swim with it to the places you would like to visit. When you use this mixture there are pronounced effects of happiness, euphoria, air relaxation, and then you plunge into a healing sleep. Of the negative side effects, there is quite a strong dry mouth. When you smoke this mixture, you feel a distinct citrus taste, as well as subtle earthy notes in the smell. Do not doubt the taste of Snowball Kush: they are great!

Strain Information:
Indica 70% / Sativa 30%
THC: 23%
Grade Quality: AAA

Strain Attributes:
Effects  –  Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric
May Relieve – Stress, Depression, Pain
Flavors  – Sweet, Lemon, Earth

24.12.2018 19:38

Great buds, frosty, nice burn. Very relaxing. Would purchase again.

07.01.2019 19:23

This is the only strain I feel safe vaping before I work. Calmly eases my anxiety and depression without taking any of the sharpness from my mind or distracting me. Makes me feel poised, ready, and confident to take on my day

12.01.2019 13:12

floral flavor with a lovely earthy undertone. buds were nice and frosty. delivery was quick and helped with stress