Rockstar OG (AAA+)

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Type: Cannabis
Info: THC 20%, Indica 75%, Sativa 25%
Tags: AAA+, Craft, Quad

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Rockstar OG is a popular marijuana hybrid that appeared in 2011. The main advantage of this weed is a relaxing sedative effect and the ability to relieve pain. Many people buy weed data and enjoy the opportunity to improve their sleep and relieve pain. It is a hybrid that has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The main difference between these kinds of weed is its fresh and sharp smell and a piece of piney Kush. Many people say this is an excellent option for recreational marijuana.

Light and pleasant notes of weed can relieve fear, anxiety, and tension. Buy weed, and you will feel better. Rockstar OG has THC (18,32%), and CBD (0,42%) components. The main personality of this type of marijuana from the rest is its recreational focus. You will not get euphoria or a cheerful mood. In return, each person can get a reduction in headaches, sleep problems, and body repair with Rockstar OG. The effect of smoking reduces joint pain and allows you to relax from every day worries.

You can reduce the pain of any nature and get long-term relaxation. It is an excellent option for those who want to take a break from joint pain or other problems. This type of marijuana is completely non-addictive and easy to use. You will enjoy the effect of making this strain. Use this regularly to improve sleep and restore the functioning of the nervous system.


You can order Rockstar OG to reduce appetite. This weed has relatively stable woody notes of smell and a pleasant taste of grapes. Light notes of spices and spices allow you to feel a pleasant aftertaste. You can contact a surge of strength and relax. This type of marijuana is perfect for anyone who wants to feel better. You can buy cannabis at this online store and get a reasonable price. It is the best option for those who are looking for a sedative and pain medication. Buy marijuana, and you will get the opportunity to improve the condition of your body.

A pleasant aftertaste and long-lasting effect will appeal to everyone who wants to buy Rockstar OG Canada online. All you need is to buy a strain here. The absence of sedatives and the ability to reduce pain from various injuries and pathologies motivates many people to buy Rockstar OG. Affordable price and ease of use allow many people to use this type of marijuana every day. Improve your body condition and remove the pain effect. A pleasant aftertaste and ease of use enable many people to choose this type of weed as the primary remedy for pain relief.

Dry Eyes, Euphoric, Cotton Mouth, Relaxing

 May Relieve
Nausea, Pain, Stress, Anxiety

Blueberry, Skunk, Spicy

21.10.2019 01:19

I just received my order 2 London Donovan THC Distillate Oil Drops and LJE Vape Pen and 2 big joints! Thanks for fast shipping, good staff and support!

26.05.2020 19:12

Amazing taste and great high! sleep well)

04.06.2020 16:56

wonderfull fast and deep relaxationt fo me and sweet pain killer for my wife. highly recommended!

07.06.2020 15:24

good stuff. extremely sticky buds. long lasting high. definetelly will buy again. thx team!

13.06.2020 16:18

Great strain if you want to just kick back and relax while chilling and watching some movie. Very strong high that kicks in pretty quickly. wonderful pain reliever. girls must have)