Purple Kush AAA

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Type: CannabisAAA
Info:THC 22%, Indica 100%

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Purple Kush AAA is a 100% Indica weed that will blow your mind. It has over 22% of THC and made by crossing the classical Purple Afghani & Hindu Kush. Such a combination gives a powerful euphoric rush and instantly and anesthesia. You will also feel that your body is warming, and the vessels are expanding. The total relaxation of your body achieves relaxation and complete calm. Just a few puffs, and you can fall asleep regardless of the time of day. A powerful sedative effect allows you to fight chronic pain and damage to the nervous system.
It is a great way to fight migraines, bipolar disorders, insomnia, and depression. You can quickly overcome stress and enjoy the lightness in your head. The Purple Kush AAA has bright orange hairs and white trichomes. Green leaves have a bright and rich aroma with hints of resin and red wine. Light earthy taste and grape shades allow you to enjoy significant sedative effects. In addition to anesthesia and relaxation of your muscle activity, you can feel a surge of euphoria and happiness. Relaxation and slight drowsiness filled with hunger, so you should stock up on snacks in advance.

Frosty nugs with sweet resin are the best you can try today. Enjoy a light finish and a pleasant aroma. Purple Kush AAA has a potent effect that will knock you down. Try not to plan activities all day long as you have to rest in bed and an easy smoking procedure. You can easily fall asleep even with severe chronic pain. Non-continuous use guarantees you peace of mind, a pleasant sensation, and complete relief from pain. It is the best remedy with a strong sedative effect that is available at an affordable price. Forget about: PTSD, Stress, Loss of Appetite, Depression.

You can use this weed with friends and immerse yourself in a state of euphoria. Laugh, talk, and joke with each other. This strain is dominant so you can talk enough and fall asleep for a full recovery. After the phase of a deep sleep, you will feel rested and full of energy: an excellent analgesic effect and a pleasant tingling throughout the body guarantee you pleasant emotions and sensations. Here you can buy the best strain across the country. We work with trusted suppliers and guarantee you first-class products at a bargain price. You will appreciate our range and sales. When communicating with the use of weeds, you will experience all the pleasant effects yourself.

10.06.2019 21:14

A great heavy head high that keeps me creative while helping after a highly stressful and sore day. Very nice strain, but the only really bad side effect is dry mouth. A stick with ice water will help)

28.10.2019 19:12

Fire! Really stoney indica! Perfect high! Strong couch locking effect.

19.01.2020 20:27

One of the best indica I've experienced. It lights up my dull day through giggles and brings the best body buzzes ever. Now I see why this is a classic.

18.02.2020 16:04

It makes life bearable at the worst of times! I'll huff, puff, and sink into my old but lovely couch with some doritos without a care in the world! Very pleasant high. Wicked dry mouth though.

28.04.2020 17:19

Purple kush helps with my anxiety perfectly. 2 hits and I forget what I'm worried about.

30.09.2020 17:15

very calming. helps to deal with depression. this stuff will knock your ass out for sure.

05.10.2020 14:22

Very good taste. I tried it with a bong first. can’t wait to have a joint with my friends later on. The colours are crazy in this one.

05.10.2020 20:48

It's a purple wow actually. very good smell. my pain and tension have gone. I'm just ready to enjoy life:)

11.10.2020 18:19

Love it!! my chronic back pain flew away. very strong relaxant.

12.10.2020 19:31

this strain is so relaxing!!! my girlfriend has an adorable southern accent that comes out if only she's really relaxed. three hits and... God, dam it! the cutest southern accent does exist!!! love it)