Type: CannabisHybridAAAA
Info:THC 13-25%, Indica 80%, Sativa 20%

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Our Canadian friends up north are quite skilled at producing some high-quality bud, and Nuken is a wholehearted testament to that. Legend has it that Cash Crop Ken crossed God Bud with Shishkaberry to create this indica-dominant strain that has varying THC levels which bring powerful effects. Nuken is perfect for evening use by both recreational and medical users.

While most sources note that Nuken ranges in potency from 13% to 25%, many have claimed to find this bud topping 30% with ease. These large nugs are very dense and furry but their real beauty lies within their chunky trichome coverage and super sticky coating of resin. Both her aromas and flavors are pretty weird if we’re being honest, as you’ll think for a moment that you’re eating baked marshmallows. However, all of a sudden, a note of skunk will push through and make you question your very existence.

Once you’ve gotten past her initial introduction, Nuken is actually a joy to smoke. Her high is intense and long-lasting, making it great for a night at home with friends or a companion to take along on an evening adventure. While you’ll certainly feel relaxed and uplifted, this strain doesn’t make users feel overly sedated in any way. Instead, tingles from head to toe will envelop you and you’ll notice a tendency to be a bit spaced out. Whether you put on your favorite new Netflix show or you simply want to grab a bite to eat out on the town, Nuken is the perfect pairing.

Leaving work at work from a mental perspective can always be tough to accomplish, so let Nuken help out a bit. Her ability to chase away stress and depression is like nothing else around, and those who struggle with bodily pain including headaches, cramps, or muscle issues will find sweet relief here. If you do smoke enough of this bud, especially if you find a more powerful version, you’ll likely be able to help with insomnia as well. The munchies can get a little intense with this gal too, so smoke a bit to ease up on any nausea and enjoy a good meal.

Nuken isn’t exactly the ideal choice for first-time growers, so those with a bit of cultivation experience under their belt are likely a better fit for this plant. She’ll grow well enough inside or outdoors but is quite sensitive to humidity levels. Sea of Green methods work best for her, and after 7 to 8 weeks of tender love and care, she’ll bless you with a rich harvest.

When you first hear her name, this strain sounds as if she’d be rather aggressive, but thankfully Nuken is just the opposite. Providing you with a set of enjoyable effects is her number one job, but don’t expect to actually enjoy her flavors anytime soon.

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06.11.2019 18:39

Such a warm and fuzzy high! This herb is seriously relaxing. Perfect for watching a movie right before bed. No more insomnia and I wake feeling fantastic.

17.01.2020 19:39

A new fave strain with pungent skunk smell with phenomenons of pine earth and slight citrus. A long good high.

07.04.2020 14:11

Lots of crystals ,great for pain,spasms, and moderately good for sleep.

21.06.2020 19:54

Perfect strain for relaxation, creeper though so watch out for that. Starts as a mild head buzz and transitions into a heavy body high. Nice for crushing anxiety! A very clear high at that, Perfect indica!

26.06.2020 15:32

The cross of shiskaberry lightens up the high as compared to bc god bud. I enjoy the similar effects without the immobilizing couch lock

01.07.2020 16:18

Very earthly flavour, gets rid of my anxiety almost instantly. Taste isn’t so great though!

07.07.2020 12:19

I really liked it, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to cope with pain, relieve stress or listen to music, as this improves the sound of music, and also allows you to sit for hours like me. Nuken is a great product.

22.08.2020 14:39

Woooah. Complete body relaxation dissolving pain and letting me slip into a deep enveloping sleep. The smell and taste are pleasant! I definitely will be coming back to this strain.

02.11.2020 14:55

Very sticky dense nugs and potent. Taste great, smooth yet very deep kick for indica likers. Good for night time

19.03.2021 16:04

I very much enjoyed it, I would recommend it to anyone that would like to deal with pain, or stress.

09.04.2021 15:38

Smooth smoke, definitely a flowery aftertaste. Consumers should expect a creepy head high, followed by a total body buzz.

18.05.2021 19:02

Very strong. it's too strong for everyday use. This is more of severe pain or migraine type aid which is very effective. Make sure you're near a couch if using!