Jilly Bean AAA

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Type: CannabisHybrid
Info:THC 18%, Sativa 60%, Indica 40%
Tags:AAA+, Craft, Quad

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Jilly Bean is a fantastic hybrid strain that will let you feel really high while staying on Earth with people surrounding you. It is a perfectly balanced bud with a slight slide towards Sativa.

Containing 18% of THC, it is great for fun and socializing, as well as for creative brainstorming. This joyous flower gives the sensation of a clear positive and lively high, making its consumer feel the balanced boost of body energy and inflow of creative thinking. It’s a perfect daytime strain to keep you productive throughout the day. This strain shows you its smiley energetic Sativa high first, inducing some Indica calm later as the initial effects wear on.

Due to these qualities, this strain also can be highly recommended as a hangover remedy after a huge party, which quickly will make you functional again.

This type of strain will also certainly be of use for those who want to keep their consumption discreet. Being very mood-improving and mentally uplifting, at the same time, it doesn’t reveal the outward signs of medicated state.

It sharpens the senses just enough to stay at-ease mentally and focused the entire time except maybe the last hour of action time, when it’s Indica side takes place. This after-effect is just great for relaxing spasms in muscles such as a stiff neck or shoulders. Jilly Bean is rich in terpenes giving the buds a fantastic mix of refreshing lemony-orange citrus and sweet jelly bean flavour. Most connoisseurs will immediately detect this amazing citric fruit note. Despite not being very pungent, Jilly Bean is able to give off its distinctive citric aroma with the overtones of pines a few feet away.

You will love these tight fragrant buds for its excellent balance between Sativa and Indica and the ability to alleviate the signs of stress and depression while keeping you focused.

This great daytime hybrid is definitely worth trying. It’s one of the few strains tasting exactly how it smells – deliciously.

Creative, Happy, Uplifting

 May Relieve
Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Sweet, Herbal, Pine

11.08.2019 13:47

I'm rating this strain a 10 because it has perfect uplifting abilities.

05.03.2020 22:12

Definitely sativa dominant, but not speedy and rashy. Very uplifting and positive high. Can always lift me out of any bad mood and put a smile on my face. I also have chronic anxiety and Jillybean completely puts me at ease. Great daytime smoke. Good for being outside, taking a cruise into the country, and just relaxing and listening to some good tunes.

29.03.2020 13:21

The high is excellent for getting creative work done or getting yourself out of a bad mood. It is so relaxing without any of the sedation. It is hard to believe how awesome this strain turned!

18.06.2020 19:33

JillyBean - best weed! If you see it - never ever pass it up! And buy enough!

17.08.2020 17:14

Just worked a night shift and I feel wide awake and bursting with ideas. Great strain!

18.08.2020 20:41


19.08.2020 16:58

As I smoked. A new me appeared. I was giggly, laughing, and creating. Great for creating awesome atmospheres. Thanks Lady Jane ❤️

27.10.2020 15:45

Jillybean is a very good strain. It will squash any bad mood you're in. Great for kicking back with friends or giving the energy you need to get the house cleaned.