Granddaddy Purple AAAA

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Type: CannabisAAAA
Info:THC 23-27%, Indica

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Granddaddy Purple AAAA stands in a row of the heaviest Indica-leaning flowers available for sale in Canada. These buds also go by several other names, such as Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purple Kush, or simply GDP.

They give you an unmistakable badass level punch due to their extraordinary THC content, reaching 27%. The level of up to 1% of CBD guarantees you amazing quality of heavenly high that takes some time, usually up to 10-15 minutes, to kick in at full force. Granddaddy Purple AAAA is definitely an extraordinary effective bedtime product in our online store at a low price. It has the potential to superglue you to the couch with the relaxing wave of pleasure, washing away all your daytime stress from your body and mind. It’s not some common heavy shoegazing Indica-stone but almost cerebral Sativa-like euphoric high with deep body relaxation.

Granddaddy Purple AAAA is a kind of greatest organic medicine, dissolving migraines, chronic pains, stiffness in muscles, anxiety and stress-induced negative thoughts without a trace. Just one bowl of these lovely buds is enough to give you a long-lasting floating meditative thoughtless Buddha-like state of mind. It is also a perfect medicine against appetite loss. Probably the only obstacle on the way to your fridge after a massive GDP hit is the heavy couch-locking effect, so be sure to have some pizza at hand. But that’s not the only reason why they’re worth every star of their high customer rating in our online store.

These buds are highly recognizable – they are oversized, dense, thick, and richly frosted with yummy crystal snow-white trichomes full of potent resin. No wonder why they give off a strong flavour of a sweet grape with hints of berry and solid base notes of pine and pepper. Unless buds are stored in a jar with a tight lid, their unmistakable aroma is clearly felt several feet away. But you don’t have to worry about that as our store sends all the orders in unmarked vacuum-sealed envelopes.

Order Granddaddy Purple AAAA from our online store right now and forget about sleepless nights, lack of appetite, low mood, chronic pains, PTSD, burnout or high levels of daily stress. The main goal of our store is to improve the quality of your life with our premium quality goods at a low price. Once you try Granddaddy Purple AAAA’s amazing healing qualities, you will surely say hello to your favourite Grandaddy again and again.

22.02.2020 20:27

By far my favorite strain! Very nice smell! Great for pain relief, depression, sleep. Highly recommend!

08.04.2020 01:28

Oh, hell! Beautiful strain! calms, gives a radiant smile on my face and makes me sleep well.

10.04.2020 13:38

The smell is wonderfully unique and the high is friendly. No anxiety, stress-reducer, all around euphoria. The buds were fresh and trimmed right. I must add: if you're concerned about the smell during in the shipment, worry no more.

10.04.2020 23:39

Classic strain with awesome properties. Great for depression and insomnia. Nice euphoric head high and body buzz.

12.04.2020 08:16

After half a bowl, I was completely incapable of any human functionality.

14.04.2020 14:20

Definitely will buy again, it's like viagra for my wife. We've never had a better sesh. The taste is blast, and the high is wild.

16.04.2020 09:01

Hands down best Granddaddy Purple I've ever had! Beautiful buds and captivating aroma. That will put you to sleep. Ordering was fast and simple.

04.06.2020 15:33

This strain is very helpful to me. It brings down my pain significantly, gets rid of all nausea, increases my appetite, with nice full-body relaxation. It works well at quieting my mind and slowing my thoughts so I can ease into sleep.

25.09.2020 20:37

This strain is very good! I feel very relaxed, mellow, and calm. No pain.

09.10.2020 15:14

GDP is an awesome strain. It provides excellent pain relief benefits and also has fantastic anti-depression and anti-insomnia capabilities.

25.10.2020 22:22

Strong couchlock effect, with excellent relaxing abilities. Helps me great!