Golden Goat (AAA+)

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Type: Cannabis
THC 23%, CBD 1%, Sativa 70%, Indica 30%
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Golden Goat is a vibrant sativa-dominant hybrid, widely known in Canada for its effective reduction in pain, depression and muscle cramps. The THC content ranges from 16% to 23%. 70% Indica guarantees a powerful sedative effect. First, your body will experience waves of energy, and then complete relaxation of the body will come. It is worth noting that such weed edibles do not disorient the smoker. You get a lower pain threshold and pleasant ease. This is an important aspect, as you can go for a walk after eating this weed.

The middle bud has a greenish-amber hue and light pollen all around. The pleasant appearance of marijuana edibles Canada is complemented by multifaceted aromas. It has a whole palette of spices, cheese flavor and herbal notes help to abstract from the outside world. Taste characteristics remind notes of citrus, sweets and herbal shades. Many smokers note the pronounced effect of the original taste, which at first seems incompatible. After the first puffs, you will feel satisfaction and relaxation.

You should buy cannabis edibles online because anonymous delivery is a very convenient format. You will remain incognito, and you can enjoy all the vivid effects of Golden Goat. Such cannabis-infused edibles in Canada can relieve stress, headache, and general body fatigue. However, you will not be bedridden. Weed makes your mind clear and your body is filled with pleasant lightness. After some time, you can return to daily business.

You can use vapes or other smoking options. It is worth noting that the smoking process of this weed is associated with a pleasant aroma. Minimal tar and citrus shades are suitable for lovers of tropical motifs. It is also worth stocking up on food. Golden Goat Strain causes a slight feeling of hunger, so you want to eat. Set aside everyday activities, invite friends and smoke this weed variety. Cannabis leaves a pleasant aftertaste, gives a good mood and creativity. You can have a good time relaxing with friends.

With the regular use of this weed, you can get a feeling of relaxation, reduced headache, increased body tone, and improved mood. It is a real motivator that helps you deal with depression and other physical disorders. Your mood will be much better with a few grams of marijuana. Sweet tropical notes will help you feel the whole palette of taste emotions and enjoy cannabis in company or solo. Forget about fatigue because data weed tones the body.

14.06.2019 20:14

This is one of top Sativa-heavy strains I’ve ever had. Great for daytime use, G.G. brings an uplifting mood, some pain relief and a clear but distinct high. Also one of the more affordable strains out there!

18.06.2019 16:47

This strain will really help you if you're having a bad day, after a few hits, I wouldn't stop laughing at even the littlest things! Definitely worth a try, but I would have a drink nearby, you get quite a bit of dry mouth from this strain.

18.06.2019 22:31

Big expansion, with a very strong and immediate euphoric "happy high" that made me want to get up and explore.

20.06.2019 12:29

It’s the only strain that I can rely on to help me with my nausea. Yes most weed helps with nausea but trust me this one helps ALOT for chemo patients