Gelato Cake AAA

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Type: Cannabis, HybridsAAA
Info:THC 22%, Sativa 25%, Indica 75%
Tags:Pre-Roll, HashQuad
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Gelato Cake is a mix of the creamy berry of Gelato #33 and the vanilla frosting of Wedding Cake. Part of the Cookie family, it's an indica-dominant strain that's very popular across North America and beyond. You'll see new crosses of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake often—Elev8 Seeds has a Gelato Kiss, Gelato Punch, and Gelato Sundae. This potent strain is for veteran consumers and reported to cause strong sedation, followed by increased appetite, and it can last for a few hours.

05.09.2022 20:04

This strain is amazing and super helpful for when I have anxiety. I felt like I was more productive, less distracted, and overall could manage my pain better steadily through out the day.

23.09.2022 12:38

I have always wanted a strain to knock me off my feet, and this strain is one of them. This strain may not be high in myrcene, but it has a great amount of linalool. Some pinene, which usually messes with my anxiety, it didn’t this time. This strain couch locked me. Which I loved!

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