Gelato AAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridAAAA
Info:THC 25%, Indica 55%, Sativa 45%
Tags:AAA+, Craft, Quad

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It is hybrid cannabis from Cookie Fam Genetics, following in the footsteps of its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. It got its name through fruity, dessert flavor. Its buds, as usual, blooming in dark purple tone, lighting up by orange hairs and glossing with crystal rosin. Gelato considers being the most delicious hybrid in the whole collection. The plants of Galento being rather short and stocky, the plants have purple with orange color. The flavors include sweet, mint, cookie, lavender, orange, berry. It has high THC levels. It is rather strong and very useful for utilizing. After a few minutes, the long-lasting pain and stress will disappear. It stimulates and makes relaxed. It brings the effect of lightness and comfort. Moreover, the energy will conquer, relaxing the body and provide energy and focus.

Influence on the body & medical application

Cannabis information:
Indica dominant hybrid - 45% Sativa - 55% Indica.
Average THC / CBD level - THC - 25%.

Cannabis advantages:
Results - More creativeness, more focused, more comforted, tingly feeling, more raised up.
Tastes - Sweet, mint, cookie, lavender, orange, berry.
Helps with - Long lasting aches, stress, anxiety, depression.

03.07.2019 23:19

Super uplifting effects with good deep relaxation after. Awesome taste and smell. Would buy it again.

13.08.2019 16:51

The first time I tried this I knew it was for me. I do smoke very little but I do know it always helps with depression and anxiety.

24.10.2019 20:31

The most energizing strain I've ever had. Great solid high! 👍

17.02.2020 17:19

Amazing strain. Taste - on top! The head and body buzz are wonderful! Awesome uplifting effects make it an anytime strain.

12.04.2020 20:11

Gelato makes me feel good every time I smoke). But not in an ordinary way. It makes me feel good about myself. I should say gelato raises my self-esteem. This would be my first vote.

20.05.2020 15:57

Plenty of euphoria and uplifting creativity. Perfect all-rounder - I feel both relaxed and calm yet, still have the energy to function. Great for outdoor activities, cooking, or relaxation.

05.07.2020 20:09

Absolutely fantastic high. No foggy-headed feeling and I actually feel like doing chores. An excellent mood improver with no anxiety. Gelato helps me with depression. HIGHLY recommend!

26.08.2020 19:33

This strain continues to stay in my top 3!!! Very euphoric and uplifting. A non-stop happy grin. I'm still able to be productive and want to move around. No couch lock)

23.10.2020 19:02

Gelato is a really well-balanced hybrid and good both for day and night time smoking.

12.12.2020 21:21

Real nice overall high. Excellent pain reliever. Helps with my anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Wonderful smell.

26.08.2021 11:22

A new favorite !!! Great mood booster and relaxant