Cannabis Shake, 14 grams

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Type: Cannabis
Info: Shake - Trim, Hybrid
Tags: EdiblesCBDVapes 

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Potent and High-quality Cannabis Shake 14 grams

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Shake is what falls off of the trimmed cannabis buds due to the buds shaking around in the container you store them in to keep them potent. As cannabis buds dry, they become a bit more brittle, and the tightly packed flowers begin to fall apart. So shake will contain all of the parts that made up your nugs. A typical handful of shake will contain crushed flowers, broken calyxes and sugar leaves that broke off the main buds.

In fact, the shake at the bottom of the bag can be as potent as the buds themselves. This is especially true if the shake has a lot of kief or dried up trichomes that have fallen off the buds.

And this means that the best thing you can do with your shake is to smoke it! You can roll a fat joint or pack a huge bowl with it, and you’ll get just as high as you would smoking ground-up nugs.

We offer good Cannabis Shake that can be used for many purposes. Methods of use include making edibles, wax hash, kief, and the list go on!

25.04.2019 08:28

Great price. OK so for the price you can't go wrong. I made some really good cannabutter out of this trim, along with some kickass brownies and cookies! Thanks Lady