Blue Sherbert AA+

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Type: CannabisHybridAA+
Info:THC 20%, Indica 85%, Sativa 15%

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Blue Sherbert is perhaps one of the more rare strains on the market these days. It is also known as Blue Sherbet and was developed by unknown breeders in California’s Bay Area crossing Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert.
Blue Sherbert is an Indica dominant (85%) hybrid strain with strong effects. Many marijuana lovers buy Blue Sherbert for the body's relaxing effect and improving thinking processes. The smell is similar to a sorbet with an admixture of berry aroma. This wonderful aroma mix allows you to relax, relieve muscle cramps, and improve blood circulation. Your body will become lighter and your stress levels will drop to a minimum.

This is a great option for those who want to fight with depression, chronic pain, and disorders of the nervous system. Get ready to buy something tasty because this weed is an appetizer. Also do not forget some water because the sweet-tasting cannabis contributes to the urge to drink. The THC level is about 20%, which allows you to expect an euphoria effect. Your brain activity will not worsen, however. Light lavender with woody notes allows dealing with bipolar disorder and insomnia. Just a few puffs and you can feel a surge of energy and euphoria. This is a great option that is suitable for medical purposes.


02.02.2020 19:50

Smokes very smoothly and tastes almost exactly how it smells. I have a very high tolerance, so I was surprised by fast relaxation.

10.03.2020 15:19

Excellent quality medical flower. I feel a nice body high and it's tingly and relaxing

06.05.2020 12:14

if you wanna sleep, feel like a wet noodle? totally indica hybrid.

03.07.2020 14:58

Loved this strain. Def recommend! lovely relaxing high)

07.07.2020 15:44

I love Blue Sherbert. My favorite strain so far. Definitely a good night time strain to relax before bed. Def a calming and relaxed feeling. You won’t regret trying this strain.

07.07.2020 18:48

very unique taste, I felt it off the first toke. very good relaxing high.

02.12.2020 15:53

this strain is awesome! super relaxing and refreshing, real calming too.

20.02.2021 18:28

I love indicas but sherbert is something special! Sweet long-lasting relaxation.

12.04.2021 13:49

Amazing strain! The high is soooo soothing and relaxing.