6ixotics Lime Pop Premium AAAAA

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Type: CannabisHybridAAAAA
Info:THC 21%, Indica, Sativa
Tags:Pre-Roll, Hash, CBD
Brand: 6ixotics


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Lime Pop is a Indica-dominant cross. Its buds are compact, dense, and lime green in color with soft orange hairs. With a unique flavor profile of citrus and pine. The Lime provides a heavy-handed high that still allows you to remain active and productive. This popular strain can be purchased in a 14g pack.

Aroma: Citrus, Lime, Sweet, Tea Scent.
Effects: Body High, Creative, Energizing, Euphoria

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Arrived well trimmed with a near-perfect cure. Buds medium-sized, fluffy and extremely sticky. Very good visual appeal with light/lime-green nugs caked in resinous trichomes with almost neon-orange pistils accented with the odd darker leaf. Very pleasing aroma with a strong gassy/jet-fuel nose and sweet/sour/lime undertones. Consumed via vaporizer, this had fairly balanced hybrid effects with a nicely relaxing, euphoric & cerebral high great for kicking back to some music, a movie or some games, with or without friends. No anxiety or raciness & no major couch lock yet still provides a decent sleep-aid. Good potency with effects lasting a solid 1.5-2hr before coming down. Definitely a fire quad.

SnoopZ-420, weed expert

14.02.2020 11:52

Fast shipping and great customer service. Flower is packaged in glass or plastic jars which prevents crushing from vac-sealing & poor handling in transit, always nice to see and is appreciated. Energy and potent strain. This is my my first order with LJ but so far so good.

20.02.2020 15:35

Beautiful bud. Tastes great, potent.

24.07.2020 11:52

I'm glad I tried this strain. Very tasty and surprisingly potent. Nice citrus component as expected. I'll buy this again.

28.07.2020 14:02

I had this strain once. It was a pleasant citrus scent that gave me enough energy or a cerebral effect that kept me moving for a while.

29.07.2020 21:45

great strain, powerful effect and energy for the whole day