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Anavar is one of a few drugs that have gained great popularity not only in iron sports but also used by almost all sportsmen of various kinds of sport. Actually, Anavar is well known in athletics, cycling, boxing, wrestling, football, and many other areas.

This drug is based on the laboratory-modified male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This refinement was made at the molecular level in order to maintain the high bioavailability of this drug, despite the metabolizing in the gastrointestinal tract. Oxandrolone significantly increases an athlete’s strength, improves endurance and reaction, helps to recover after exhausting training, and accelerates neuromuscular communication. This medicine is quite easy to use, which made it a leader among female athletes.

Anavar was produced in the 60s and was originally used for medical purposes in order to recover skeletal muscle, cure burns quickly or reduce bone pain in osteoporosis. But soon this drug was noticed by representatives of iron sports and they began to actively use its properties. At some point, Anavar became a sales leader, and thus even took away the fame from the famous drug named Methandrostenolone.

Now the medicinal properties of this drug are widely used by professional bodybuilders to improve muscle definition and relief during the “cut” and burning of subcutaneous fat in preparation for the competition.

We should also point out that Oxandrolone was the result of the really successful modernization of dihydrotestosterone. The final product was both safe and has excellent characteristics, namely: the androgenic properties of Anavar were reduced to 24% of pure testosterone, but the anabolic characteristics were increased several times. Anabolic indicators of this drug border at 322-630% of pure testosterone according to the results of various researches. Also, the obtained medicine does not interact with the enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase, which suggests that Anavar almost does not cause androgenic side effects, but may enhance the effect of anabolic hormones presented in the organism.

By the way, Anavar is especially popular among female athletes, because this drug has virtually no side effects. If it is used correctly, you probably won’t notice any unwanted effects.


Anavar is used both in sports and for therapeutic purposes.

The dosage of this drug and the duration of application depend on the pursued goals. Using Anavar for medicinal purposes, start with 5-10 mg per day and gradually increase the dose during the first week. Typically, the dosage is increased to 20 mg per day. This amount of this medicine is suitable even for novice athletes and can help to fully feel the effect and not be afraid of side effects. Such a course may last from 4 to 6 weeks. However, it is recommended to make a pause for 4 weeks at the end of the course of applying. By the way, Anavar can be used according to this scheme until you achieve the desired result.

If you apply this drug to improve your athletic performance, then the dosage should be slightly higher than in the previous case. You can start with 20-30 mg per day and gradually increase the dose during the first week of applying. The total period of using Anavar according to this scheme should not exceed 6 weeks. Keep in mind, that the dosage of 50 mg per day can significantly increase your performance and other key indicators for every athlete.

Some experienced athletes increase the dosage to 80 mg, or even 100 mg per day (depending on their experience and body weight). Of course, such an amount of medicine makes sportsmen fully taste for what reason experienced athletes like Anavar so much. But in this case, it is also necessary to increase the time of rest between the courses of taking the drug to 6-8 weeks, and the total duration of the course should not be longer than 6 weeks.

As for female athletes, a significantly smaller amount of the drug is sufficient. The dosage for women is approximately 10-15 mg per day – this amount of the drug is considered ideal for female athletes. Of course, women can increase the dosage as they want, but in this case, it is necessary to monitor the health and the effect on the body, as well as to be ready for side effects at any time.

The fact is that the increase of the recommended dosage instigates the likelihood of occurrence of unwanted symptoms on an equal basis for men and women.

So, to minimize the chance of side effects after using Anavar, it is necessary to make pauses for 5-8 weeks between the courses of using this drug.

Anavar has a high anabolic index. Despite this fact, you will not gain large muscle volumes using this drug alone on the course. Typically, athletes take Oxandrolone during the “cut” period to achieve a great muscle definition and to save strength and power.

By the way, using Oxandrolone as a maintenance drug on the course, you may not worry that a low-carb diet will harm your muscles. Due to the accelerated metabolism, fats are actively burned instead of muscles, and the energy level remains the same. As a result – the athlete’s muscle mass remains untouched.

If you use Anavar, you also should know that the period of this drug’s active action is 8-12 hours. So, you can divide the daily dosage into two equal parts to maintain the same level of steroid in the blood during the whole day.

Side effects
The majority of the athletes heartily believe that Anavar is the safest Androgenic Anabolic Steroid. Actually, if you follow the recommendations for use and pass the rehabilitation therapy (better known as post-course therapy) in time, the chance of side effects will significantly decrease. If you are serious and responsible for sports, body, and health, then most likely that you will not notice any unpleasant symptoms.

However, remember that in the case of improper application of the drug, you can catch sight of such symptoms:

  • Androgenic side effects: acne, increased hair growth on the body, hair loss on the head (baldness). Female athletes may encounter virilization – the appearance of characteristic male features as a result of the activation of male sex hormones (androgens). Men may notice a decrease in the production of androgens.
  • The occurrence of such symptoms as headache, nausea, and gastrointestinal disturbances are also very likely.

You must consult with your attending physician before you first start applying this drug.

We also ask you to take into account that this medicine may cause some side effects. If you notice any disturbing symptoms, you have to contact your doctor.

In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. You must also tell the doctor if you apply Androgenic Anabolic Steroids with other medicines. So physicians can prescribe treatment and help to relieve unpleasant side effects.