We know that organic foods are healthier and better. This seems obvious when it comes to food or drinks. What about smoking weed? Should we worry about what doesn't get into our bodies through the stomach?

What is organic cannabis?

Organically grown plants give many benefits to those consumers who want to minimize the negative impact on their body and the world. And while some manufacturers consider it reasonable to use inorganic nutrients, others get hemp with a pronounced aroma and effect, using only organic materials.

Organic fertilizers and soil create conditions that are as close as possible to the natural growth of plants. So hemp itself absorbs enough nutrients, enriching its taste and enhancing the final effect. Organic hemp growers use only natural products for everything: from plant nutrition to products to support their health. Like any other plant, cannabis is attacked by pests, spoils microorganisms and infects diseases. Producers who use organic methods to combat these problems get a much larger crop of higher quality.

In general, we can consider cannabis as organic, which was "grown while maintaining natural, sustainable processes." For thousands of years of natural growth, the plants themselves have achieved this. We can only grow them in the fresh air, using quality soil and fertilizers. So the plant will maintain its internal ecosystem, and it remains only to collect every season.

Benefits of Buying Organic Hemp

Everyone knows the benefits of organic food. Cannabis is no different in this regard, because you will inhale it and its components will somehow get into your body. When using chemicals or pesticides to accelerate the growth, they also get into your body. Buying organic hemp, you get not just a quality and harmless product. Marijuana grown without harmful substances has a much better taste and aroma. Proper hemp is grown as follows:

  Only on clean soil using natural fertilizers.
  Without chemicals and pesticides.

  Irrigation with clean artesian water (adjusted to level pH)
  If necessary, modern expensive lamps are used, that provide a sufficient flux of ultraviolet radiation and do not harm plants.
  With a natural and smooth drying process, that takes about 12 weeks.

The right growing conditions ensure the natural flow of chemical processes in the plant. This is what gives cannabis a pleasant aroma, taste and, of course, the maximum expected effect. Since many varieties are popular only because of their taste, it is easy to imagine how important it is. Organically grown hemp gives its full potential, provides maximum effect.

What is better? Synthetic or organic hemp

The increased popularity of marijuana puts manufacturers under great pressure, and there is a desire to accelerate the growth process with pesticides. However, in practice, it is better to spend a little more time growing organic hemp. The natural growth process, as we have already found out, is important for taste and aroma. But it is also important for the environment. Just think how much harm is done to nature when using chemicals, the constant use of electric lighting, etc. Not to mention the fact that foreign substances can cause significant harm when ingested.

What is the difference between organic and inorganic marijuana? Organically grown marijuana has several advantages:

  It is good for the environment.
  Such plants are completely safe for the consumer.

  They are more likely to pass quality control, which will soon appear.

In addition, the use of normal, natural growing conditions ensures that cannabis production will only develop.
Already, there are independent institutions that test the quality level of marijuana. We are patiently waiting for the same requirements for cannabis as for food. Organic cultivation supports the nature that has given us this amazing plant. So, you need to return her something, at least using the right methods of cultivation.