What is HASH?


Solid Hash and Liquid Hash. What's the difference?

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna explain what hashish is, commonly known as hash. I'm gonna try and do this without diving too deep into the diverse world of hash production. Hash is a smokeable or edible drug originating from Asia and made from cannabis. It's made out of just regular old weed and typically it contains only weed. It just happens to contain a higher THC oncentration than normal weed.

The pot plants have the trichomes growing all over them. When trichomes get removed from the plant usually mechanically, then compressed with pressure they create hash. Hash exists in two main groups:

1.Solid Hash, which is relatively straightforward
2. Liquid Hash, which can get a little more complicated

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Solid Hash is more common, because creating it usually just involves compressing trichomes often through really simple methods. The quality of Solid Hash depends on how it's made and what cannabis strain it's made out of. Some strain groups are bred specifically for hash production nowadays. Since solid Hash is made using only weed and pressure, it gets you high in a similar way to weed.

So what's the difference?! Well, Hash is more potent per gram. Regular cannabis has a street potency of about 10% THC as of the state, on average, anyway. Whereas Solid Hash has a potency of 20 to 60% THC. And when you get into the world of Liquid Hash, also known as Hash Oil, the potency climbs as high as 90 percent THC. When you take things a step further and have what's called Honey Oil the potency can reach very near 100% THC. However, it should be mentioned that in liquid forms there's often solvents used in the manufacturing process. Meaning there's more in the hash than just cannabis.

So why do people like hash? Some people say it's more intense, in terms of the high, then cannabis. That can be true. Other people like the flavor of it, or the smell of it, or in some countries the price of it can be very good for very high quality hash. Really, it comes down to preference.

Expert opinions from the internet:
Charas (Hindi) and Hash (english, Hashish is often used to refer to hash) are actually the same thing. Whereas weed (cannabis) is a naturally growing plant that contains THC which gives “high” to the smoker. “Malana” is the most famous Hash in Asia, made in Manali, India. Hash is a derived form of weed by the process of purification (here by purification, we mean, concentrating THC level). THC is present in much higher quantity in hash than that in weed. Hash is like a sticky material that is mixed with either tobacco or weed to make a joint. More or less Hash and weed are the same thing, only difference is in concentration level of THC.


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