Recently, there has been a lot of adverse reaction towards suppliers and sellers of cannabis/thc vape pens, distillates, and oils in the USA. The fact is that in recent months, about 37 people across the country have died. A common factor for all the dead were using vape pens. 

The vaping lung disease symptoms were similar, including coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. The leading cause of the tragedy may be Vitamin E Oil and several other distillates. Also, people shouldn't ignore the fact that some stores may sell low-quality stuff.

The management at Lady Jane Express is worried about the customers. Therefore all products in our catalog are entirely safe for your health. We check all products and our suppliers. It eliminates the possibility of harm to the end-user. We also always fight for the truth, and we want all possible vape deaths to be clearly studied. It is worth noting that the United States Department of Health & Human Services is expanding laboratory tests, because the exact reason has not yet been found.

Part of the so-called vape victims suffered from pulmonary diseases, so vaping illness has a dubious involvement in the lethal outcome. All modern research in the field of vape smoking marijuana does not confirm the harm to health. Regular cigarettes and alcoholic beverages harm the nation, unlike THC vaping. Smoking vapors with marijuana dies less than those who choked on an apple.

But the government decided to parasitize on this topic and create favorable conditions for itself. Trump's administration, along with cigarette companies, launched campaigns to declare vape smoking marijuana. They focus on vaping deaths, demanding a ban on the sale of all products related to it. Their goal is to frighten the people and tax vaping with THC.

The reason for the adverse reaction and emphasis on each so-called vaping death is money. Tobacco campaigns have been losing a lot of money since vaping became popular. These products are safer, cleaner, and more affordable than cigarettes. Nicotine and tar in cigarettes have been proven to lead to lung cancer and other fatal diseases. However, cigarettes are still sold. It is a business, and many of the politicians above are directly involved. Nobody wants to lose profits.

It is worth noting that deaths from vaping is nothing more than a myth. Lady Jane Express, worries about all customers. We use only natural oils. Full control of goods allows us to guarantee quality. We are doing everything to make vaping deaths Canada nothing more than a scary story. You should buy products only in trusted stores. Vaping news Canada has a more neutral fatal vector. It is because the lobby of tobacco campaigns from the USA does not work here. 

It is worth noting that vaping illness Canada in other countries can be associated with product quality and the presence of chronic allergic diseases. All the news in the US, even on CNN, is silent about the exact substance that caused many deaths, and for how long people have been practicing vaping with THC. In the case of lung problems, any inhalation of combustion products or steam with carcinogens can harm the body. Buying products with a safe consistency in trusted stores, you will never experience health problems.

Sometimes the air itself in cities is much more dangerous than vaping. At the moment, there are no detailed studies that would confirm the harm of this lesson. If you are not an asthmatic, and an allergic person, then you have nothing to fear of. Moreover, vaping is not a dangerous activity. You should avoid the inhalation of carcinogens, synthetic materials, and other impurities that contain homemade mixes. Use official stores like Lady Jane Express. It will protect you from fakes and hazardous substances for your body.