Ultimate Guide Into Vaping Cannabis. Portable flower vapes

Vaping is one of the most technologically advanced ways of consuming cannabis products. The cool thing about vaping is that it doesn't require burning and making smoke. So at the very least, there’s much less smell after a couple of good puffs from your marijuana vape. But that’s not the only advantage.

What is vaping

Humans used to burn or smoke weed for ages for recreational and medical purposes because heat releases the active components of cannabis into the air.  Vaping is the method of heating cannabis buds or concentrates below the temperature of burning just enough to release the ingredients in the form of inhalable vapour. This fine mist is much more pleasant to inhale than smoke because it’s cooler than the regular smoke, and due to that tastes better. Besides that, you don’t need to keep it for a long time in your lungs because the vapour is absorbed quicker.

How to choose a vape

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences you can choose a vaping device that best suits you. You might want to try a portable dry herb vaporizer or an oil vape pen if you need to medicate on the go. Or you can also choose the desktop vaporizer ideal for home use and medical treatment. The major contra of such table-top devices is their price but they can save you a lot of weed money in the long-term perspective. 

Dry flower vape lets you enjoy the slightest nuances of flower taste with a much lesser level of carbon monoxide, which is the less-than-desirable to inhale toxic by-product of any combustion process. Although cannabis smoke is less toxic than tobacco smoke it’s still can be irritating for lungs as any other kind of smoke. Trying a vape can be an option for consumers who experience this kind of respiratory problem from inhaling combustion products. So if you feel that your lungs get irritated by smoke too much, you may try switching from smoking cannabis to vaping.

Portable flower vapes

If you’d like to enjoy your favourite strains anywhere you want without the need to inhale smoke then a portable flower vape with a chamber for cannabis flower lets you do that. It certainly gives you more freedom. The main disadvantages of such devices are that they’re quite costly and you still have to grind your buds to achieve the desired extraction from the flowers in the heating chamber. Besides that you might want to use CBD isolate and though you can use CBD-rich strains there still will be some level of THC in the inhaled vapour. So a cheaper and more easy-to-use alternative may be an oil vape pen.

Oil vape pens

A portable oil vape pen is a great choice for beginners or for people searching for ease in medicating on the go. If you’re considering giving it a try, you can start with a disposable vape pen. This product needs minimum skills to operate and doesn’t require refilling or recharging. All that needed is just making a gentle puff in the beginning to define your dosage. Vaping is a highly efficient and nearly instant way of delivering products to your bloodstream. If you’re a first-timer or an infrequent consumer than you need to remember that vaping delivers a more powerful punch from one puff than the traditional joint.

You may also want to try even a cheaper option like a rechargeable Viterra Vape Pen. Even the most dedicated joint lovers would admit that it’s an absolutely attractive vape machine – only $25, quick charging, and very easy to operate especially if you don’t have much time to roll some blunts. You can use different flavours by changing various compatible cartridges. Using replaceable carts from trusted manufacturers lets you easily define a needed dosage just by looking at the package. While experimenting with creating your own e-liquids with THC distillate for refillable vapes might seem tricky at first because it’s not that easy to measure the proper amount of it at home.  

What about CBD?

If you want to stay focused and calm throughout the day without getting high then using CBD isolate vape pen is the right option. Vaping is an extremely fast and efficient method of delivering CBD to your bloodstream. Vaping makes you feel the positive effect of CBD medication nearly instantly meaning it’s nearly 60 minutes faster than taking CBD by ingestion. When you inhale CBD mist much smaller amount of it is needed to achieve the same results comparing to taking CBD through digestion because nearly half of it is wasted passing through the liver.

Anecdotal evidence shows that people who treat chronic pains with CBD vaping may find that the cartridges containing CBD and THC are the most efficient ones. CBD will reduce the THC high while keeping its therapeutic effects. Once again, it’s a great field for experiments and defining what is best for you.

Is vaping safe?

The most important rule of avoiding health damage from using vape products is buying them from legit stores such as ladyjaneexpress.com selling the lab-tested productions from reliable manufacturers.

At the beginning of the year 2020, there was a lot of hype in mass media covering the cases of severe health damage of vape users in the USA who were routinely vaping cheap illicit cartridges which turned out to contain dangerous additives such as formaldehyde, pesticides and vitamin E oil meant to add viscosity and remind THC-rich product. The fun fact is that most of those tainted vape cartridges actually contained very little THC or other cannabis components and that the additives such as vitamin E oil caused the health harm and not the cannabis-derived products.

Luckily the recent outbreak of this additives-related illness in the USA didn’t affect Canadian legislation which allows sales of certified extract-filled vape pens preferred by consumers for more pleasant and consistent dosing than other methods of inhaling marijuana.

Of course, vaporizing cannabinoids and inhaling them into your lungs can’t be called 100% healthy. But it is way less risky than smoking if you use the certified vaping products of licensed manufacturers and buy them in trust-worthy stores such as ladyjaneexpress.com.