How to use THC distillate syringe?

What are TCH Distillates? This is a new way to consume cannabis. A concentrated substance consists of 90-99% cannabis. The product is made during short-path distillation which separates cannabis molecules and refines them. It allows getting pure THC Cannabinoid which is concentrated and 100% clean. The finished product is super effective – you can feel its influence on your organism in 1 minute or faster. How to take cannabis without smoking? Use distillate!

Pure THC Distillate hits the weed market and it is most likely that this substance will be most demanded. How to use the distillate:

  • Vaporizing. Handheld vaporizers are the best. Just refill your vape tank with pure THC Distillate and that will suffice.
  • Dab. It is one of the easiest and popular methods of consuming. Just take a dab and enjoy it.
  • Joint. If you are a classic smoker than all you have to do is spread the substance on a piece of paper. Than smoke THC Distillate! Remember that the product is concentrated.

Can you eat THC distillate?

You can make delicious meals by adding the substance!

How to refill THC distillate syringe?

Main advantages of THC Distillate syringe

Why should you use a syringe? Because it is very easy to use and it allows you to refill the cartridge in about 1 minute. Another important advantage – it is cheap and easy to get. Just open your cartridge and put the syringe into.

How to fill CCell cartridge using a distillate syringe?

CCell cartridge is compact and easy to use. It is filled with THC oil and all you have to do is fill the device when it has gone empty. Our task is simple – we should use distillate syringe THC to refill the cartridge. When you buy a distillate syringe make sure that goes with metal topping.

To fill the cartridge we just install the metal topping, put it inside, and push the substance out of the syringe. Then we take the plastic top and twist it until is it closed. One should remember that it takes time for the distillate to reach the coils and saturate them so users can consume THC using your device.

Important tip

If you have never unscrewed the plastic top of the cartridge, the potent THC distillate in there has been subjected to pressure. But when you remove a plastic the pressure is gone. But don’t worry about it – just put the device in a vertical position so delta 8 THC Distillate or other products can reach coils and saturate them. We hope that you learned how to use THC Distillate. As you can see, it is very easy to use and it saves tons of time to refill an empty cartridge.

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How to use THC distillate syringe