What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are one of the greatest options when it goes to cannabis consumption. The advantages of weed edibles comparing to good old combustible weed are quite obvious.

First of all, with cannabis edibles, there’s no need to inhale smoke, so it's good for your lungs. It’s also way easier to consume because there’s no need to roll joints or produce permeating smoke, or worry about the possibility to burn a hole in your carpet.  So if you seek a convenient way to medicate it’s a great choice. Nowadays cannabis edibles come in all imaginable forms. From THC gummies to THC chocolates, cakes, cookies, hard candies – nearly everything you can think of has its THC-infused analog.

Cannabis Edibles Positive Effects

People who buy edible cannabis usually strive for long-lasting positive effects such as euphoria, relaxation, reducing anxiety, increased appetite, or normalizing sleep. The longer effect of the marijuana edibles is attributed to the gradual nature of the process of digestion when cannabis enters the bloodstream via absorbing in the intestines, giving you effects ranging as long as six hours. That’s why it’s a fantastic choice not only for recreational purposes but as well for medical ones.

Cannabis Edibles Medical Benefits

Consuming marijuana edibles is a great way to induce appetite and curb chronic pains, seizures, nausea, and vomiting. It’s incredibly effective and clinically proven very useful in helping eliminate the by-symptoms from cancer treatment such as nausea and loss of appetite. It also reduces the same symptoms linked to hepatitis C. There’s also a mounting amount of scientific evidence showing that cannabis can help fight certain types of cancer. It can also help in treating depression and PTSD.

Different Types of Cannabis Edibles

Most edible forms of cannabis contain a significant amount of THC. Besides the THC-dominant edible products, there are also edibles containing equal amounts of THC and CBD or cannabidiol which quells the effect of THC and makes the high milder. There are also CBD-dominant edibles that don’t cause any sort of intoxication associated with THC and are used for medical purposes mostly.

Cannabis Edibles Vs Marijuana Flowers

Besides the fact that it’s a healthy alternative to smoking, there are several other reasons to buy marijuana edibles for medical or recreational purposes.
If you seek a pain-relieving effect then ingesting marijuana is a good option because it gives a longer-lasting full-body high rather than high from smoking that typically lasts only up to one or two hours.

When ingested, THC is metabolized by your liver into a more potent form called 11-OH-THC than regular THC inhaled while smoking known as Delta-9THC. In other words, the effects of marijuana edibles last for a longer period, which is particularly may be important in relieving pain symptoms for a longer time.

You immediately feel how high you got while smoking. But you need to be careful while dosing edibles because their effects take some time to kick in. Be sure to inspect the package dosing guidelines carefully and remember the golden rule: start low and slow.

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How to Make Cannabis Edibles?

You can try to make your own cannabis-infused dish at home. There are plenty of recipes on the web. The main difficulty that a wannabe cannabis chef would face is called decarboxylation. The thing is that to make THC in your weed potent you need to decarboxylate it by heating it. And that’s why people usually smoke buds instead of just chewing it.

You need to pre-heat your oven to 240ºF and put your herb into it for half an hour until it reaches a golden brown colour. Only then you can infuse it into food, for example, butter, which is perfect for baking. The other difficulty is dosing – you can make your food too powerful in terms of high or on the contrary, waste your buds. So, it’s much easier to buy edible marijuana online.

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Where can I buy marijuana edibles online in Canada?

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The 5 Most Popular Cannabis Edibles in Canada:

 THC Marijuana Edibles

1. Left Coast Gummy Co 150mg THC
An edible masterpiece consisting of six diamond-shaped pieces of 25 mg of THC each. You will love the delicious taste, the fine texture, and, above everything, the quality. If you’re a beginner, wait at least an hour after your first one before taking another one. It gives energy, euphoric good mood, and an uplifting effect if you’re tired or burned out – without disrupting your sleep.

Cannabis Edibles

2. Faded Gummies 180mg THC
These 6 30 mg THC gummies come in 9 different fruit flavours. They are absolutely delicious, 100% vegan, not too expensive, pretty relaxing and VERY effective. Remember that the effects take 45 to 90 min to take place. 

Buy medical THC edibles3. Kush Kitchen Medicated Chocolate 400mg
These yummy chocolate bars come in a variety of tastes with each bar containing 15 pieces of approximately 26 mg of THC each, just enough to get a satisfying controlled high. One bar can give you over a dozen great experiences without getting too high.

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4. MOTA Wildberry Jellies 200mg THC
These tasty jellies infused with THC distillate offer you different delicious tastes combined with a very powerful high, so if you’re a beginner, consider starting with a half a piece and wait for 45 minutes to feel the effects.

Buy cannabis edibles in Canada

5. Kush Kitchen Gum Pop 180mg THC
This little THC medicated gum pop is super strong because it contains a great amount of THC – 150 mg per shell and an extra 30 mg per gum, guaranteeing a great body high. It’s available in six different exciting flavours made from natural ingredients. You can pay $30 less if you order 10 pieces at once at LadyJaneExpress.

The 3 Most Popular Cannabis Brands in Canada

Tetra Organics
The name of the company says it all. This brand represents a wide spectrum of “soil to oil” products made out of local flowers grown on Canada’s Westcoast, authentic fruit flavours and natural colourings. You can start acquaintance with its products with Tetra Bites Gummies 40mg THC from Tetra Organics and continue to explore them with Tetra Bites Gummies 120mg THC. It will give you an unforgettable experience!

If you decided to buy edible cannabis online, MOTA is another Canadian brand you can trust. MOTA’s product line includes a great variety of cannabis-infused goods, most notably MOTA Peanut Butter Brownie 300mg THC, MOTA Triple Dose Chocolate Strawberry Cookie 330mg THC, and many more fantastic powerful edibles.

Left Coast
Left Coast is a relatively new company from British Columbia operating since 2018 but it’s already a well-known brand among dedicated consumers. Its diamond-shaped Left Coast Gummy Co 125mg THC and Left Coast Gummy Co 150mg THC earned Left Coast a brilliant reputation for precise proper dosing.